Chapter 12: Lie's, Misunderstandings & Confusion

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Chapter 12: Lies, Misunderstandings & Confusion

Hades POV

This shower is warm on my skin, but it is not as warm and gentle as Harley's sweet touch. Her soft caress lingers on my dry skin and I can not seem to shake off the doofy grin that is on my face.

I was completely caught off guard when she told me she liked me. I knew I liked her. But a girl like her liking me is a bit unreal? Plus I thought she was still hung up on that dip shit Ty.

I would do anything to sink my fist in to his face again. I do not think I did enough damage last time.

Maybe here pretty soon I will get another chance. Hopefully.

I step out of the shower and slip on some comfortable clothes for the rest of the night. It is already passed midnight and I am tired. I am hoping that Harley will share the bed with me tonight.

I am pretty hopeful tonight.

I walk back in to the room and she is not their. I wonder where she went?

Time to go on adventure and find the hot blonde who likes me.

I still can not get over the fact that she likes me. I smile stupidly to myself.

"Hey you still dreaming over blondie." Justin interrupts my thoughts.

"Maybe. You can not even give me shit man. I have seen you day dream over Rayne plenty of times these past few weeks. I even remember seeing you write her name in your notebook with little hearts all around it."

His masculine face reddens. "Shut up dude." He punches my arm for like the sixth time today.

I laugh loudly in his face which earns me another punch. I think I might get a bruise from that one. "Watch it." He said in an angry tone, that I could not help but laugh at him even more.

We continue to walk up the stairs to the top of the boat. That is when I spot the gorgeous blonde talking to a group of girls.

And one of those girls happens to be Mercedes.

Oh god.

I start to speed walk over to them. Hoping that Mercedes has not already filled Harley's already sensitive mind with lies.

Justin begins to laugh, "Dude, you're in trouble. That crazy bitch is probably telling Harley some bull shit about you." He has a smirk on his face.

"Just shut up man. And if she did please help me explain to Harley that Mercedes can be a physco."

"Will do." He chuckles once more and shakes his head.

I then hear Harley's sweet voice say, "Trust me. I would never go for a guy who had a girlfriend." She sounds so defeated?

I put my arm over her shoulder and she gives me a sad smile.

"So Mercedes what are you lying about this time?" Justin pipes in.

Mercedes narrows her eyes. "I am not lying about anything. Not this time at least." She chuckles.

"Harley can I talk to you in private?" I whisper in her ear and she gets the chills then slowly nods her head.

I look up at Mercedes who is giving me an evil smirk.

Harley and I move away from the group and sit at a nearby table. I pull out her chair, and she does not even smile.

What the hell? I want her to smile..

"Look Harley-." I begin to say but she quickly cuts me off.

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