As I went in my class, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me. out of nowhere, a teacher popped up in front of me.

"Who are you?" The man questioned me.

"My name is Bailey and I transfered schools here." I said quite shyly.

I guess the whole class heard me cause when I looked at everyone they were screaming in my face.

"Hey Bailey!!!!!! Welcome to Ridgwewood High School!!!" Mostly everyone said to me.

I tried getting through some classes without people getting all up on me and asking me tons of questions.

I was sitting in claas until a bell rang. I was thinking that we were changing until a girl came up to me.

"Hi! My name is Susan and you must be Bailey."

"Yep thats me." I said feeling awkward.

"So. I'm guessing you dont have friends yet. Well, you can sit at my table with my friends. Come on let's go eat!" Susan grabbed my hand and ran out the classrom down tons of hallways. After what felt like forever, we finally made it to the lunchroom. The lunchroom was filled with tons of kids.

"Look it's the new girl, Bailey!!!" A boy shouted.

Everyone started asking me if I wanted to sit with them but I ignored them and followed Susan. We sat down at a table where there were a girl and two boys.

Hey guys! I found Bailey in my class before lunch! I guess she is going to sit with us now!"

"Hi my name is Bella. Nice to meet you!"

"I'm Tye and this is Peter."

"You can call me Pete if you would like."

I felt so awkward so I finally said something.

"Hey nice to meet you guys."

"So what brings you to this gloomy place?" Tye asked. Hey someone actually agrees with me.

"My mother and father seperated when I was two and I lived in California with my mother ever since. Until she told me I had to move down here with my father."

We all got along with each other and actually figured out we all had some classes together.

I guess I can call them my friends. Right?

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