An adventure in the new world

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Clary's POV

I have just finished this infernal book! I sure am sick of hearing about runes and gear on top of the rest of it all. I have to admit I do feel more comfortable in knowing what everybody else at school will have been living, up until now. I can hope to at least blend into the background. My mother doesn't like my take on things, she wants me to get out into the shadowhunter community and make friends, but how am I supposed to do that when I could stick like a sore thumb in a room full of them. It will be obvious I'm not one if "them", truly.

"Clary, I have decided we new to go to Idris" Jocelyn says over breakfast. I have heard about Idris from the codex book, but I'm still not sure I am ready, ready to go into "their" world, my new world.
"What would be the use of that? Traumatising me? Overwhelming me with new information like you already have? Doesn't sound fun to me!" Clary says while sipping her black coffee,
"No, I'm not trying to overwhelm you, I just think we should pick a few things from there that you will need for school. Sound okay to you?" replies Jocelyn,
"Fine but where are we going to get a "portal" thing so we can get there?",
"Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, and great friend of mine".

I go off to get my bag packed, mum says we leave tonight and will be staying for a couple nights. I'm still not sure how I feel about this but here goes.

Mum says we need to by a stele, a type of magical pen that you use to draw runes, a seraph blade, for use in practise at school, and a heap of clothes called "gear" which I will use for training and demon hunts, which by the way is a passing activity of shadowhunters! Like how insane can you get? But this is my reality.

I pack the codex, who knows when I'm going to need that, combat boots, skinny jeans and some t-shirts as well as pj's and my toothbrush. I'm not sure if these are acceptable clothes, but what the hay, when did I start caring about what other thought of me? Oh yeah, when suddenly getting the approval of complete strangers who live in a separate world to me became my mission.

We take the car over to Magnus' and mum knocks twice on the door. I can here some shuffling around inside and then the door bursts open revealing a tall man wearing a navy blazer, with no shirt, and skintight leather pants. He has thick blue eyeliner and his hair is dusted with blue glitter, he certainly is a sight to see. But the one thing that startles me the most is his yellow cat like eyes.

Magnus invites us inside talking to my mum as if I am not even here. I just awkwardly shuffle along behind them until I hear my name called.
"So, Clary, it seems your mother has come to her senses and let you know of your true identity" Magnus exclaims receiving death glares from Jocelyn,
"Yeah, I guess she has" I reply politely. We walk into his apartment and the smell overwhelms me, it's sickly sweet. Magnus doesn't seem to notice that I am almost choking and goes on to chant a rhythmic rhyme at a blank wall.

Soon, where the wall was is now a shimmery blue water like portal. I pick up my bags and mum grasps my wrist and we step into the abyss.

The sensation is awkward. You kind of feel empty inside until your feet touch the ground and the density of the earth brings you back into reality. I land with a thud because I fall onto my knees overcome with nausea. Mum picks me up and pats me on the back, this sort of thing must happen to everyone on their first portal trip. I avert my gaze to the City of Glass sitting in front of me, its mesmerising the way the sun glints of the force field like dome as it sets. We approach the force field gate and mum shows our papers. After the guard was satisfied that we were shadowhunters, we were let into the city. It's beginning to get dark and mum leads the way to the Idris Inn, our residence for our fleeting visit. Our room is small and cosy with a warm fire place in the corner. I announce I am tired, and that I am going to bed. tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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