Chapter 12- Maybe Silence Isn't Golden

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I hear chatter outside of my door, and I set my book down, expecting someone to walk through the door. When no one does, I reach for my book again, but then the door flies open, and Luke walks in.

  “Luke,” I groan. “Three hours really isn’t enough time to take a shower, sleep, and eat lunch,” I say.

  Luke grins.

  “Who said I did any of that?” He asks, winking.

  “Ew Luke,” I say, laughing.

  “Okay, so I did take a shower,” He says shrugging.

  “Okay. That’s better then,” I say.

  Luke reaches into his pocket pulling out his cell.

  “Smile,” He says, and I hear the click of a camera app.

 “Luke! I look terrible,” I groan, covering my face with my hands.

  “You never look terrible. Don’t be a cry baby,” Luke teases.

  “What was that for?” I ask.

  “What was what for?” Luke asks.

  “The picture dummy. What was the picture for?” I ask, sarcasm leaking into my voice.

  “It’s now your profile picture,” Luke says, his fingers moving across his phone’s screen. I groan at the thought of all of his celebrity friends looking at that gross picture.

  “How about I send you a better one when I’m feeling better?” I say.

  “Deal,” Luke says. “But for now, this is your profile picture.”

  I shrug. What more can I do?

  “Are you hungry?” Luke asks, coming to sit next to me on the bed.

  “Not after what happened with Truman’s,” I say, shuddering.

  Luke laughs.

  “Yeah, that probably ruined seafood for you. “

  “That’s not even half of it,” I say feeling queasy at the thought.

  Luke sends me a wry smile.

  “Well then I’ll just grab you a grilled cheese,” He says, turning to leave.

  “Wait,” I say, shifting on my bed. “Could you get some tomato soup to go with it?” I ask, smiling shyly. It’s a strange request.

  He grins from ear to ear.

  “You like it with tomato soup too?” He asks, then, “Sure I’ll make sure to get some. I’ll stop at my aunt’s place and grab a can,” He says, waving.

  I hadn’t expected him to go. I don’t feel like sitting here alone.

  “No, ya know what… let’s just skip lunch. It’s almost dinner time anyway,” I chuckle, pointing to the ticking clock above the hospital room’s doorframe.

  “Are you kidding?” Luke asks incredulously. “I’m starving,” He continues, laughing.

  “I just don’t want to be alone,” I say, crossing my arms in front of me.

  Luke laughs, taking a seat on the edge of my flimsy hospital mattress.

  “No you would just miss me too much.”

  “Oh do shut up,” I joke, nudging him with my shoulder.

  “Let me go grab a small bite to eat. I’ll be back before you can even say my full name,” He says, a twinkle in his eye.

  “But,” I start, feeling confused. “I don’t know your full name.”

  Luke flicks my nose with his bent pointer finger.


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