Chapter 1

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        "Hey, Cullen?" I ask the man standing to the right of me, watching a carriage that just brought in supplies to us. It takes a while for him to analyze my saying anything. "Oh, what?" he snaps into reality. "Have you ever, you know, been with anybody?" I look at my feet, feeling so embarassed asking this. "Um, yes," he answers. "Why?" "Oh... uh..." I trail off. "I just really like somebody, and I don't know how to tell them." 'Josephine' almost rolls off my tongue, but I bite it to stop myself.

        "Well, I could tell you. Just let me ask a few questions..." Cullen says. "OK... Ask away," I reply, nervous. "OK..." Cullen settles himself into a more comfortable position and starts with, "So, is this person inside the Inquisition?" I stare at him. "Yes..." Cullen looks at me dully. "It's Josephine, isn't it?" I feel my eyes going as small as they can go.

        "Yes!" I pop out, smaking myself as if scolding. Cullen looks at me, a questioned look on his face. "I'm serious!" I shout, ending his questioned look. "OK." he says. "The only advice I can offer is to go to the library and tell her you like her!" he says as fast as possible. Then he turns, and walks away, without another word.

        I sigh and began my long walk to the library, feeling like I may be able to tell her this time. I figure i'll bring her to my quarters, so that her reaction is not available to everyone. I gather my breath, and walk in the door. As soon as I get to her, she asks, "Nervous much?" and smiles. "Um... Can I talk to you in private?" I ask. "Sure." she replies.

        "I never intended to take your attention romanticly," Josephine says.

        "Maybe I should have conducted a ballad, or sent roses." I smile

        "What!? You mean... you do?" she looks as surprised as ever.

        She seems to ponder how to respond to this. After three and a half minutes, she finally says, "I would not object to a closer relationship between us, my lady." she continues with, "If... that's acceptable." I look at her and say, "I'd like that."  She finally kisses me, says, "Well, i'll be in the library," and scurries out of the room, leaving me gasping.



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