Chapter 4

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I can't believe this. This can't be happening! How is this possible? I'm in complete shock. Two mates?

All I hear through the center is gasps and whispers. Stares swarming all around me. What are they looking at?


Couldn't this have happened to someone else? What did I do?

So many questions and thoughts all jumbled up in my mind.

I look at Blake and then Mason and they just stare back. Why are they smiling?

This is just to overwhelming. I think I'm gonna....

Hurl. And that's exactly what I did. I threw up. All over the tables, the floor, even people I don't even know who probably go to my school.

This is the worst, most embarrassing moment of my entire life. No one is ever going to forget any of this.

School on Monday is going to be utter hell. I'm gonna get laughed at. Humiliated. Oh no.

"Well, we are going to continue this ceremony tomorrow when you hear the announcement. For now, you all may proceed back to your homes. Blake, Mason, Luxx, I would like you three to stay behind. We need to speak."

After that, the mayor steps down off of the stage and towards us. Oooooo's Echo throughout the center. I can't breath. My lungs are caught. They won't expand.

I'm turning blue. I feel like I'm gonna faint.

That's almost what I did. I didn't faint, but I pretended to. I made myself fall asleep. Werewolves can do that. I just didn't want to go through that. Not in that moment at least.

I wake up in my bed with a doctor looking at my face uncomfortably close.

"Well she should be fine just manage her stress levels. As in keep her calm.
No stress. At all. None under any-" his strange squeaky voice was cut off.

"Okay we got it doctor." My mother spits with annoyance.

He nods and leaves. Thank God. If I had to listen to his voice any more I would have take a pillow and suffocated myself.

My mother tells me to get some rest so I can "manage my stress levels" and "stay calm."

All I can think about is Blake and Mason's faces on the screen underneath my name.

Why me? That's all I can replay in my mind before I drift back to sleep.

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