Chapter 11: Be A Man (Archer's POV)

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! Jack stopped me in the hallways as I walked to Mercedes classroom. He said, "Look, I'm telling you this as a warning: if you hurt Diana, I will make suffer everyday. I don't think you understand how much of a incredible woman she is. I-"

"Clearly, you don't know me. I'm-"

"I do know you. You're the man. Archer Jones. Tall. Young. Popular. Basketball player... And you got the girl, too. Lucky you. Maybe you won't hurt her. That I don't know. But this is your warning."

I looked down at him. He was only a few inches shorter than me, about six four. I said, "I understand, Morgan. I have to go."

"She's a great woman," he added.

I knew that wasn't what he wanted to say because Diana warned me that Jack was a jealous ex-boyfriend.

But I forgot about it all when Diana sat stood near the board in Mercedes' classroom. I came inside and sat down in Mercedes chair rolling chair. She came closer,and swung her legs around me, sitting in my lap. I asked, "You do realize we're in a high school classroom... Not my bedroom, right?"

"Jack thinks you're gonna break my heart," she slowly unbuttoning my shirt, completely ignoring my question. She added, "To be honest, I'm not as weak as people think. I don't cry often. I more concerned with breaking your heart, literally... Not metaphorically. " she pointed to my chest.

I asked her suddenly, "Will you turn me into a vampire?"

She was taken aback by the question. She answered, "Of course. When? You're eighteenth birthday? That's not for another two weeks."

"I was thinking, after high school. As for my virginity, I want to try again... Tonight."

Diana scoffed, "You know you're one of the most patient guys I ever met. I'm probably the most impatient girl I know."

"Arch, I've already eaten... So don't worry about me mutilating your face," she informed me as she sat next to my bed. I chuckled, lacing my hand into her left hand.

For the first time, I feel at peace. She said, "You and your sister have amazing eyes."

"Yeah, um... We get that a lot," I replied. "You people look at us differently. By us I mean, me and you... Ariana and Mercedes."

Diana scoffed and asked, "Is it because we're interracial couples or is it because Mercedes and Ariana are both lesbians in an interracial marriage? Or is it because Ariana and Mercedes get chased down by paparazzi?"

"All of the above," I answered.

"Look, Archer," she swung her legs around me like she did earlier today. "I want you to lead because if I do it... I might hurt you. Don't worry. I'll guide you through it..." She chuckled softly.

She continued as she unbutton my shirt, "First, I undress you. Second, I..."

I softly kissed her neck as she explained to me. She moaned softly. Gradually, I got up with Diana wrapped in my arms. I lied her down on the bed. I helped her take off her blouse. I stripped down to my black underwear. She was also stripped down into her underwear and a pink bra.

I hovered over her, kissing her, pressing her against my erection. Then, we were interrupted by the ringing of my phone. Diana and I ignored it, letting it go to voicemail. But it continued to ring after voicemail. Diana and I stopped for a moment.

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