chapter 4 nothing is forever

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 Something to crash into would have been amazing at this point. The clock in the car says that i've been driving for four hours and if it wasn't for the road having no turns i'd have sworn i'd been driving in circles. Nothing ever changed. I'm hungrier and more tiered than I ever thought possible. I'm the lonlest i've ever been which is strange because i'vealways thought I was lonley but this feels different. Worse.

I keep driving for what feels like forever. I drive long after the clock stoped working. I stop counting the days after a week. I've only stopped to sleep once becuase I feel like I can't stop like a voice in my head telling that there is more than the road, that there has to be an end, that roads do't go forever.


I reach down to turn the car off, defeated. I don't know where I thought I was going or what I would do when I got there but for a moment I thought I would never know. Than somthing incredible happened I looked up and a city had appered. A city. Somewhere to go. I knew nothing about the town but only one word could have discribed it then. Home. An over whelming feeling that that place was where I was going. Was where I was meant to go. I drived for days after but this felt different than all the days before. I knew where I was going and even though I had no idea what was in this town. I thought it had to be better than the hell I had been driving through for so long.

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