A Simple Shower

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Oh my the title tells it all xD. Warning graphic content. YAY LETS GET GOIN.

Tommy's POV


As he stood up I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, feeling his arousal through our pants.

He lifted me up and carried me into the bathroom, and set me on the edge of the sink. He mashed his lips against mine instantly and his hands began to wander under my shirt.

Moaning as he found one of my nipples and pinched it. He did the same to the other then pulled away from the kiss.

He started lifting up my shirt then tossed it to the side. He went straight for my neck to bite.

I grabbed his hair and pulled him up for a kiss.

"You're a little overdressed." I said tugging at his shirt. He chuckled and lifted it over his head. I stared at his chest.

"You're covered in freckles?" I asked suddenly surprised. He looked down and started fidgeting, obviously uncomfortable.

"They're ugly." he said quietly. I shook my head.

"This is ugly. Being this pale and small at the same time. But you're gorgeous." I said drawing a finger from his chest down to his crotch than grabbed it and squeezed, drawing a moan from his mouth.

Slowly he started unbuttoning his pants. Feeling more aroused than ever I started unbuttoning my pants also.

Both now in our briefs I stared at his very large erection he's hiding in his underwear. Running his hands up my legs to my waist he caused me to look back at his face.

He leaned forward and started nibbling on my ear then whispered.

"Are you ready? is this okay?" he asked. I nodded not being able to find any words. His fingers gently slipped under the waistband of my briefs and he gently started pulling them off.

Tangling my hands in his hair, I pulled him into a kiss. Deep, sweet, and passionate.

Pants finally off Adam stares at my erection. I fidget where I'm sitting. feeling anxious all of the sudden, afraid he thinks I'm ugly until..

"Ohmygodyourebeautiful." then his lips pressed against mine. I'm safe. He loves me. I love him. At least I felt safe until he started pulling his briefs off.

I didn't notice I was staring until Adam directed my gaze to meet his. I also didn't know my jaw was hanging open. But I couldn't help it he was just so.... big.

Adam looked nervous and that was a look I didn't like on him.

"Iloveyousomuch." I breather out right before I invaded his mouth. "You're perfect." I whispered when I pulled away then went back to attacking his mouth.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He started nibbling on my ear then he went to my neck causing me to moan.

Feeling him rubbing against me I moaned again.

"Adam.." Was the only word I can say without sounding like I'm speaking jibberish.

He set me down in the shower and started the water. Staring at me as the water drops covered every inch of my body. He licked his lips then stepped in with me and pressed our lips together.

Hands roaming everywhere, his all over me. Mine all over him. When we kiss its a mesh of teeth, tongue, and lips. But then he got into his knees, and looked up at me.

My insides fluttered as he licked the tip of my erection. In complete bliss I moaned and closed my eyes. But oh ho ho. That was just the beginning.

He looked up at me seductively then took me in his mouth all at once, his head bobbing up and down and he sucked and sucked. He took me in all they way to the back of his throat and swallowed.

Feeling his throat constricting on me I moaned.

"Adam.. I'm gonna. I'm gonna.." I started saying but I was already coming down his throat. He took me out of his mouth and got up off the floor of the shower to kiss me.

"But what about--" I started but I noticed his erection was gone. He must've gotten off on what he was doing to me.

He smiled and kissed me and hugged me. I couldn't stop smiling.

God I love this man.

"Guess we should actually shower now." He suggests. All I do is nod.

The smile won't leave me face.
Oh my god. It's happening. It's finally happening. My story is back on teach and I'm like crying I love this story so damn much and I feel like a proud parent that I've made it this far. Thank you for waiting on me and to CreativelyMade and my dearest Killer Queen this chapter is dedicated to you two. <3

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