operation:Fix what's broke.

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So operation get Trey and Kelly back together is a go all I need to do is get Kelly to forgive Trey so they can love each other again.

I was going to find trey when I turned around the corner I saw him talking to latvia they were laughing Latvia is evil why would anyone want to talk to her ugh I know what she's doing but it won't work because Trey loves kelly.

Shawn pov

Letoya is really getting on my nerves she's been so needy lately I know she's pregnant but really I can't do 3 different things for her at one time I'm not super man.

"Shawn we need to talk" she walked fast for a woman who was 6 months pregnant she wasn't even supposed to be at school but letoyas stubborn like that.

"What's up" I asked she pulled me by a nearby bench.

"So are we gonna keep the baby or what?" She asked do I really have to answer that like right now.

"Can we not talk about it" I sighed "Shawn we have to have this conversation this baby is coming and I want to know if you want to keep it or not" she said

"Well what do you wanna do" I asked

"I wanna give it up" she answered sadly

"You do?"

"What other choice do we have we can't raise a baby we both have to finish school first" she said tearing up.

"Letoya if you really want to do this then I'll support it" I said dryly I didn't want to give our baby up but my sons life is more important and I want him to have a good life.

"Okay thanks" she kissed my cheek but I kissed her lips instead.

Bey pov

"Kelly" I said stopping her in her tracks.

"Hey bey what's up" she turned around "uh so I---"

"Kelly!" Someone yelled her name

Trey ran up to us "oh hi Trevor" she said dryly.

"Hey um I was wondering if you could help me study tonight" he suggested Kelly smirked a little

"Maybe" she replied

"Okay" trey nodded

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