(Marzia's POV)
On the way to the café, I call Felix.
"Hey, babe." I say, feeling a spark as I remember how lucky I am to have him.
"What's up?"
"Oh, nothing. Just heading to the café." I feel the guilt as I remember what Levi said.
"Oh cool. I'm just about done here, I call when I am."
A pause.
"Is... Everything okay?"
"Oh, oh yeah. I'm great!" I say, a little shaky.
"Marzia." He says sternly.
"I told you, I'm great." I say.
"Are you positive? Opposite of negative?" He says.
I laugh.
"Yes. Love you!"
"Love you too! Bye."
"Bye." I hang up.
I smile and grin when I put my phone in the cup holder. After a few minutes, I park at the café, with only three or four cars. I grab my bag and walk into the café, my heels clicking on the tiled floor. A couple sits next to the window, smiling and laughing, and a lonely girl sits at two person table next to the brewery desk.
I feel bad for her. She looks so lonely.
I sit at a table a few feet away from the girl.
"Marzia! How are you?" Agnes says from the kitchen. She runs over to me, and gives me a hug.
"I'm great, you?"
"I am good. Where's Felix?" She asks.
"Oh, he's planning a party for me."
"Aw, how adorable! Birthday?"
"No, I reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube."
"Wow! Good job! I'll be there."
"Really? It's a 6:00PM."
"Great! Now, what can I get you?"
"The usual, please."
"Yes ma'am!"
As she walks off, I glance at the girl, who quickly looks away. I smile, but she doesn't look up. I stare out the window, the sky gloomy and mixed with gray, the cloud thick and dark.
I quickly glance at the girl, and she's staring at me. I turn towards her, and she looks away. I sigh, and walk over to her table, and take a seat.
"Hi..." She mumbles.
"I'm Marzia."
"And you are...?" I say.
"... Daizo..." She says.
"That name sounds Italian. Are you Italian?"
She nods.
"Me too."
After a minute of silence, she speaks.
"Wait - aren't you Pewdiepie's girlfriend Cutiepiemarzia?"
I giggle.
"Oh mio Dio... [Oh my God...]"
I laugh.
"Can I have your autograph?!"
I nod, and she opens a notebook and hands me a pen. I wright my signature, and hand it back.
"Prego." I reply.
And after that, we talked and talked and talked. She would ask questions, and I would reply. Daizo became my best friend, which is something I need here in a foreign country.
"Say, do you want to come to a party with me at my apartment?"
"Omg, yes! I can't believe I am taking to someone so famous..."
"Here's my address..." I write my address on her napkin.
"See you there, Daizo."
"See you there, Marzia."
I hug her, and leave.
As I enter the car, I squeal in excitement because someone actually knows me, and thinks I'm famous.

Cutiepiemarzia and Pewdiepie - "the royals of YouTube.

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