After spending the day with Niall We went back to the hotel. Niall walks me to the door and his phone starts ringing.

Zayn: "Yo, Nialler. You back yet we're having a movie night. You can bring Ebony if you like? She's more than welcome too come. Plus we all want to meet her." Niall smiles to himself.

Niall: "Yeah I'll ask her. But if she don't want to then maybe I can try again another time. Catch you in a bit!" He smiles up at me.

Ebony: "You have too go. I'll text you later then?" Niall looks at me with a gutted look on his face.

Niall: "I was just wondering if you wanted to come upstairs with me and the boys. We're having a movie night and the guys asked me to bring you back. If it's too soon I understand. You don't have too if you don't want too." He looks down on the floor.

Ebony: "If I can wear my Pj's then you have a deal?" His smile went proper big when I said that.

Niall: "You sure you're ready too meet them? I don't want too rush you into anything you're not ready too do. But if you want too I can wait while you get your Pj's on or I can head straight up?" She laughs at me getting all worked up and started to turn into a worry worm.

Ebony: "Ni, just come in and wait for me too change into my Pj's it will only take about 2 minutes. I'm wearing my favourite Onesie." He smiled as we walked into my hotel room. 

Ebony: As I was in my room getting changed. Ni asked if he could look at the pictures he seen me take. I allowed him too. I don't really get why he was interested in looking at them, but whatever floats his boat I guess? As I got into my Onesie, I walked out and seen Niall smiling to himself which made me think what has he done? "Ni, why are you smiling like you've done something?" He just laughed his adorable laugh and smirked.

Niall: "I'm sure you'll find out soon. But you'll love me for it!" She just looked at me with just Evilness in her eyes but only playing around.

Ebony: "You ready too go Ni?" He smiled. "As ready as I'll ever be." We walk out the door and I make sure too lock it and checked I have everything I needed. We got outside his room. I grabbed his arm quickly and he turned to face me. "Ni, what if they don't like me?" He looked at me with a serious look.

Niall: "How can they not Eb? I know for sure you'll get on very well with. Haz, Liam and Lou. You have the same sense of humour as Lou does, your pretty much sensible and serious as Liam and Harry well he loves taking pictures so do you. So trust me babe it'll all be fine okay?" I smile and she whacks a smile onto her face, when deep down inside I know she's actually proper shy/nervous. 

Ebony: *We walk into the room and the boys were pretty much spread around the room. There was one sofa left which they must of left for me and Ni right? All the boys hear the door and there heads poke up and they all face me and Niall. Harry looked over at me and shoot me a massive smile. Liam came over and hugged me.*

Liam: "Nice too finally meet you as Niall would not be quiet about you." She smiles awkwardly.

Ebony: "Sorry about that, it's nice too finally meet you too, is it Liam?" He laughs.

Liam: "Yeah it's Liam. I still couldn't believe Nialler said you've never heard of One Direction before." She giggles awkwardly.

Ebony: "Yeah I know it's bad but there's a reason behind that. I'm sure I can tell you all soon?" He smiled and just gave me a respectful nod. Zayn came over next.

Zayn: "Hey I'm Zayn. It's good too finally meet you." I smiled.

Ebony: "Hi Zayn, i'm Ebony. It's good too meet you too." I smiled back happily and he walked off after giving me a friendly hug. Next minute all I see is someone run over and grab me into a massive bear hug and I just done the same back to him. "Don't tell me you must be Lou?" He smiled and jumped round shouting.

Louis: "She knows my name before all you, well after Ni. OMG THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL KNEW MY NAME BEFORE ALL 3 OF YOU YAYAY." She turned to face Niall with a massive red face but just burst out laughing. Next minute the whole of the room was laughing. 

Liam: "What films are we watching guys?" All the boys shout horror films and Ebony turned to Niall.

Ebony: "I don't like horror films." All the boys look at me and smirk. I give them a confused look and Liam puts Insidous 2 on. Niall runs into his room and grabs his duvet and I smile. "Thank you." We both share a seat, I'm sat down next too him and every jumpy bit that gets shown I get proper scared and jump onto Niall's lap. Niall whispers in my ear.

Niall: "You can just sit on my lap if you like? I'll make sure too hold you tightly and I wont let anyone hurt you, remember I promised to protect you?" I smile at her and she giggle a bit too loud all the boys turn to face us and I go red, but the best thing was, it was dark anyways. She leans on my lap and cuddled up too me. I think to myself I know she hasn't felt this safe in over a year or so. I see her eyes starting to get proper heavy and she falls asleep curled up into me. 

Ebony: The morning after I found myself asleep in Niall's bed. I looked around and noticed Niall wasn't here with me. I walk out into the kitchen and noticed everyone sat around the table, but I noticed Niall wasn't there. "Sorry if I woke up late guys. Niall's probably gone out, I'll just get my jacket and i'll be off." They just all stare at me.

Liam: "Stay have some breakfast with us? Niall had to go out and get a few bits for later that's all." she smiles at me and joins us.

Ebony: "Who made these pancakes then?" Harry pipes up.

Harry: "Me of course, nobody can cook better pancakes then me you see." She laughs and started teasing me.

Ebony: "Oh I was just about to say they didn't taste nice at all." I wink playfully at him and he just give me evils.

Harry: "Oh playing it nasty are we? I'll get you back Misses." I laugh in an evil way.

Ebony: I went and sat on the sofa next too Lou. "Hey Lou want you're ass kicked on Fifa?" He laughed so hard.

Louis: "I'll make a deal Eb, whoever wins gets everyone a pizza for themselves?" She looks at me with my changelling eyes.

Ebony: "You're on LouLou." The game started I was Chelsea and Lou was Doncaster, every time I scored he just seem to get angry. The game ended and of course I won. "So LouBear looks like you're buying." I wink and he just pouts.

Louis: "Why didn't you say you were that good?" She bites her lip gently.

Ebony: "You mainly only see boys play this game, it's just my hidden talents." I wink.

Louis: "Nialler's lucky too have you." She looked at me confused and just shook it off with a cute giggle.

Ebony: *Those words kept repeating over and over and I just wondered where could Niall possibly be? It's making me quite worried.*

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