Chapter 6 : The Date

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Bella P.O.V.
I woke up by a pigmen and eat breakfast. Soon after I ate herobrine came in to the room. He looked so shocked that it was true. He finally told me that I was in a werewolf group too but I was a part of a group that is very powerful but not as powerful as Mitch's group but we were close to be as powerful as them. So he told me to think of ears, four legs, and a tail. I did it am I turned into a pure white wolf with bright blue eyes. That is when he told me I was the last living of my group and I was the Chiefs daughter. Then all of a sudden a pig man appears in the room to say something to herobrine or to me. So he just stood their as a statue. He waited till I was done then he said Mitch has requested for you to come over to his room. I went to his room and told him about it. He was in shock as much as herobrine was when he found out. So I did the only thing I could do to get him out of shock so then I pecked him on the lips and he got out of shock. So he got out of shock and they turned into our wolf selves so he could see me as my wolf. Then we just talked to each other for a bit. Then it was lunch so we went to our table that we had sat for lunch. Then we went to our own rooms. So after a boring hour or two. I requested Mitch. So he came in my room. We talked like we were on a real date so we had supper in my room. Then after that we just did some normal stuff like talk and kiss then we had to break apart so we had to go to bed but all I could think about is that I am the only member of my tribe that is alive. I had a dream that me and Mitch tried to escape and we did it but when we got back to the over world we regret it because all the people that loved us abandon except for Jerome Mitch's friend. He believe us that it was true the story we told him of us but he had his concerns about us at times but it slowly faded away and that I had a bad injury that it killed me so that is when I woke up painting like a dog sweating on a hot summer day. Then I fell asleep again.


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