Chapter One - Inception

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Everything was normal until he came into my life. I lived a life of a normal teenage girl. I had my friends with who I could talk about everything, I had my parents who were supporting me in everything, even in some absurd things, I had everything I needed for decent and good life but then he got involved in all  and I lost everything just to get him.

It was a completely ordinary day when I was going to school with my friends, there was no sign that this was the beginning of one adventure without return.

And the earlier days at school, I notice the boy who was always alone, or so it seemed to me because when I saw him, he was alone with his headphones in his ears, the time I started to get interested in what he listens to, but I was not brave enough to just come to ask him. It was a mystery that has changed my life around.

I supposed that he came in the school this year because I never saw him earlier, but I can bet that he is not in the first year because he looks older than the kids in the first year.

I said nothing to my friends about what's eating me from the inside, they didn't even notice him and to be honest I was afraid of their reaction. Probably they would say that he is some lonely good-looking freak who is probably gay because he doesn't pay attention to the girl's glances. I admit it, I glance at him, but not that obvious like other girls, I wanted to solve his mystery with glances, but it did not work.

The day when he started to give me glances I was totally distracted on classes which worried my teachers and my friends because I was always an excellent student. But I was just thinking ' Am I the first girl that he glanced back?'. Various thoughts were cruising around my head, at the same time I was so afraid of all that.

Next days I have tried to put away my thoughts far away from him, it was not easy, but I somehow succeed. Nobody longer suspects that something is wrong with me. But his glances were becoming more frequent by the day... It seemed like he is around every corner, I was scared, but I somehow managed to hide it.

I eventually got comfortable with all that. The part of my day were our exchange of glances, as if that gave me strength to survive the day. But there were still various questions in my head. Who is he at all? The only thing, which I know about him, is that he is going to the same school as me, that was all, but my brain wanted more information. 

The days were passing away, I have not found anything because of the fear that was eating me from the inside, I am not brave enough to make such a move.

That day I came at school with my friends like always, I was in my classes. Then came Physical Education class and in the hall I noticed him playing basketball, but he was alone again. He did not notice me, I can tell I was somehow sad, but life has to go on. I was playing volleyball with some girls when something hits me really hard on my head. That was basketball ball, I turned around immediately and saw him looking at me, I guess he wanted me to pay attention at him and apologize for not noticing me earlier. I just smile at him, not knowing what I am doing, and immediately I regretted that because he just turned around and continue to practice. For that smile, I blamed the hit because of it my head really hurts me later. I asked the teacher, can I sit and rest because my head hurts me like crazy. He said yes and even offer me to go home and rest because that was a pretty bad hit, but I refused because I had to stay to work on my French project with the teacher.

Everything passed, but really painful for me, my head ached me more and more, but thank God when my French teacher notice I was not good and sent me home. While I was walking to the building I live in, I fall over a big rock. I wanted to stand up, but could not and the next thing that I remember was that everything became black before my eyes.

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