Bite of '87

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(Note: this chapter is in the past. Not mikes past. Freddy Fazbear's pizza's past.)
" Hey! Jeremy! " called the manager. " You have to come here early tomorrow! Did the assistant manager call you on your shift last night?"
"Sure did boss!" I say kinda in a shaken tone. Just before he came into the restaurant that creepy- ass mess of parts just crawled, by the ceiling, out of my office. At least I have day shift tomarrow! I stood up out of my seat and walked out of the pizza place. Giving the animatronics a good look at my middle finger on the way out. I went home for a couple of hours and went back to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It was just about opening time when I walked through the doors.
"Hey Jeremy, could you go in to the parts and service room and get foxy a brain chip? It seems that it got lost somehow."
"Ok boss." I said and grimly walked to the main hallway. As I opened the door I was greeted with with darkness. I turned on my flashlight and walked in. I shined my light at the only things that could possibly have brain chip. On the first day on the job I had to go through training. They told me how to maintain the animatronics and how to remove the brain chip. You lift up the mask and I should be right under the left eye. Bonnie didn't have half a head so he didn't have one. Freddy had one but it was half missing. Chica had one in her broken mouth, but no way was I reaching in there to get it. I took off foxy's mask and saw one in almost perfect condition! I took it out and foxy made a humming sound, then collapsed. I took the chip and got the heck out of there. Then I went over to mangle and took it's face off and inserted the chip. I put her face back on and went to the stage.
It was opening time and kids were rushing in. The animatronics seemed fine with the kind but with the adults they just... froze. Then... that's when it happened. A kid was standing in front of mangle and the mess of parts was standing on its legs! The little kid poked it in the nose and mangle lunged at him. It bit the front of her head off! The mange than screamed and it shut down. The ambulance arrived short after and took the kid. She lived, thank god but the restaurant had to close after that. I'll never forget that horrible day. Never.

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