Chapter 7 - Cliff's POV 2

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Chapter 7 | LTC



This girl is crazy! I'm laughing while reading her letter, seriously!

"You sure are in a good mood aren't you, Cliff?" My older sister, Casey said. Ugh, I was such in a good mood and she had to ruin it.

"Get out of my room Cas," I told her.

"Whose it from?" She asked, ignoring what I told her. I hate being the youngest.

"I don't know," Damn mouth. You shouldn't answer!


"Yeah seriously Cas, get out." And Thank God she listened.

Hmm? This girl is mysterious. Will I write back? I don't know, I don't even know her. I don't know where she's from and where did the letter came from- wait. I should've ask the mailman! I'm so stupid am I?


I'm supposed to wake up early to update but my body won't wake up. Ugh, I hate school! You have to wake up so early o.o

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