Promise p.o v

Sneaky little I am see I really don't even want august so I'm not gonna try but what I am gonna do is make him leave jazz ole dog ass they both put me thru hell and even my baby
So now they gonna no what it feel like to go thru hell only thing I'm not gonna put the kids in it tho that's taking it to far no matter what I don't want nothing to harm these little girls cause that's o.d

Any ways I made sure to look extra good today even tho I don't want nothing to do with august don't mean august can't want me or if jazz drop her off she could see every thing I'm doing that shes not
A'j is with honey so I don't have to worry about her for the day I don't even have a class today but I told the girls they could talk about asha asleep over and our up coming events any ways I was just cooling when in comes jazz
"Okay run and play" she said patting April but and she came walking to over to me
"So you look nice what after this your to be a hoe to somebody " she ask crossing her arms over her chest
"Umm why you salty ma because you can't keep ya man eyes only on you " I ask putting all my weight on one leg
"Tuh bitc-" she started but I cut her off fast
"Listen up now there's kids here and you not gone disrespect them as a matter of fact get out " I said
"you can't kick me out my kid is here " she said mind blown clearly
" Watch me keep it going and I'll make it so you can't come back here keep playing with me " I said in a mater of fact tone she storm out

2 hours later
I was the only one here ... and April
They was late again she's always the last one I hope jazz come get her so I could tell her about her self
But in walks in august but wait there's more and his mother and jazz august walk up to me
"Oh um autumn not here " he ask
I look at like he was crazy but then I was like I'm gonna play nice
I place my hair behind my ear
"No um she's not " I said with rocking back and forth on my shoe heels
"Oh um so the whole letting me see her again" he ask
"Yeah I'm not to sure about-" I said But he he cut me off
"Listen I'll take good care of her" he said trying to reason with me
"Okay-" he cut me off once again
"Thank you so much" he said hugging I heard his mama and jazz scuff and kiss their teeth
"But like I was saying before you cut me off only at my house and when I'm there " I said
"Oh hell no august really" jazz said
"Really jazz she is my kid" he said
"Now she ya kid you wasn't thinking about her 2 years ago " she said so clearly up set
"Man what ever jazz anyways" he said looking at me
"How bout you come over tomorrow after practice " I said butting my lip
"Ight" he said licking his lips and doing that famous chin rub of his
"Really august in front of her" his mother said to him I just look at him and he was to busy staring in my eyes I was loving this moment I was doing every thing I needed with out even doing anything this gonna be easy I gently rub his arm and said "just give me your number and I'll member text you later or call "

After about 7 minutes he said " ok you do that" and walk out

August p.o.v

We walk out and all I could think about was promise like dam

Till I got smack in the back of my head
"Did you here anything I said august " jazz snap

"Uhh yeah jazz I heard you " I said lying
"You fucking lying you ain't here shit I just said how could you eye fuck that bitch in front of me " she ask
"Man what ever jazz" I said
"August you no you wrong that bitch ain't shit na you gone fuck up ya happy home for a one night stand" my momma ask
"Now listen first off my kid back dere sleep so that loud mouth talking ya doing kill it ya her me and ma stay out of this ok " I said to both of them
"What ever august take me home. " Jazz said rolling her eyes

Man I just can't wait till tomorrow

April up top

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