~ Alisas P.O.V ~
I sigh and look out of the airplane window.
"Has it really been a year?" I think. A million thoughts crossed my mind as I watched the landscapes below us pass. Aleks. What have you been doing? Do you think of me? Do you even remember me? Have you moved on? There are so many questions that need answers. For the past year I've tried to contact him multiple times but he never replied. Sly on the other hand has talked to me a lot more, we don't see each other much but we text constantly and he tells me everything. He left the creatures but he's still happy, he's even got a new girlfriend. I'm happy for him, truthfully. Natalie hasn't talked to me as much but we catch up once in a while. She moved to Australia a few months back and she even got a new boyfriend, she also seems happy and I'm happy for her. I've had some contact with a few of the creatures, mostly Seamus and James, they update me on Aleks occasionally but they know it's an area to tread lightly on.
Someone lightly taps me on the shoulder, I quickly turn my head in surprise. My brother, Jason, sits there smiling.
"We're about to land. Are you ready?" He pushes his black hair back out of his eyes and pulls his seat belt over his waist. I gulp and look down, my brown hair falls over my eyes. He gently placed his hand on my head. "James and Seamus are meeting us at the airport, it'll be nice to see them after a year." He smiles and pulls my seat belt over me. I look up slightly and smile.
"Yeah. Yeah it will." I look out the window again and gulp again.
Hello, Colorado.

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