Chapter 6

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Alex's P.O.V.

I woke up to the bed empty. Iheard paper tearing as I looked over and saw Damon ripping everything off his closet door and going over to the fire place and throwing it in.

Then Elena walked in an I groaned as I turned the opposite way.

"He called me, Damon" she says as she walked in.

"What?" Damon asked.

"Stefan called me last night." I sat up in bed and looked at Doppelbitch.

"What did he say?" I asked. Elena have me a dirty look before looking back to Damon before saying. "He didn't say anything, but it was him. I asked Sheriff Forbes if she would trace the calls origin. It came from Tennessee."

Damon replied with "Where he's binge drinking on the country folk. we've been through this Elena. Stefan's gone. I don't mean geographically."

"If he was gone, he wouldn't of called." Elena stated as Damon threw the things pinned to the door in his closet into the fire place lighting a match and throwing it in.

"He is gone Elena." He told her.

"Damon no matter what you say I'm not giving up on him. He's your brother. I will never give up on him neither should you." Elena says before leaving. That's when I pulled the covers off of me and walked over to Damon wrapping my arms around his waist from the back and I rest my head against his back.

"I hate to say this and agree with Elena but she right. We shouldn't give up on Stefan especially you Damon. He's your brother and right now he needs his big brother."

He sighed and turned around and wrapped his arms around me and rested his forehead against mine. He pecked my lips and left. I sighed as I walked to the bathroom.

I stripped down and got into the shower and my tense muscles relaxed once the hot water hit. After being in here for twenty minutes I shut off the water and got out I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body and walked out and grabbed my clothes for the day.

I was about to get changed when I heard the door slam. I turn around and saw no one. I stood there quietly listening through the house and no one was here and I didn't sense anything. My phone rung breaking my concentration as I walked to the bed side table and answered it.


"We have a small problem Alex."

"What is it Ric?" That's when Ric explained to me how Elena wants to go to the Smokey Mountains to look for Stefan. Is she freaking insane?! If she goes there is a fifty, fifty chance that my dad will see her. And he can't see her, and I'm not saying that out of concern for her I'm just afraid of my dad killing Damon and my friends who were involved and knew about Elena being still alive. And he would kill Stefan!

I got off the phone and chose a new outfit.

Looks like I'm going to the Smokey Mountains.


I vamp ran to the grill in my blue shorts, black and blue paid flannel shirt and converses. I braided my hair before I left. Ric smiled at me once he saw me and Elena looked shocked and pissed.

"What are you doing here?!" She snapped.

"I called her Elena relax. If you want to go find Stefan with a pack of werewolves on a full moon in the Smokey Mountains we are going to need back up." Alaric explained to Elena. She walked to the passenger seat and I sped over closing the door as she opened it. She shot a glare at me as I smirked.

"Sorry children in the back." I stated with a smirk as I got in the passenger seat and Alaric in the drivers seat.

"This is going to be a long ride." He said and sighed.

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