The Begining

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Luke POV

"Ready boys? Last show of the tour" Ashton says as One Direction says good luck and we walk out on stage after introducing ourselfs and the song we are going to sing we start to sing Hearbreak girl. We sing a few more songs before we have to give the stage to One Direction. "Good job boys" Ashton says and we all head to get a water bottle. Ashton and I talk to each other as we watch the concert from backstage. I've always enjoyed talking to Ashton over the rest of the boys. His smile just lights up the whole room. I love how he has different laughs. He can be very immature but he can be serious when he needs to. " Earth to Luke" I snap out of the daydreaming. " what were you saying?" I ask Ashton " I was just talking about how its to bad that this was our last show of the tour. I mean I'm excited to have a break from all the business and the fans but I'll love doing this for the fans and performing with you guys." He explains. " Your very right. Ashton don't tell the others but I've loved touring with you the most." I exclaim. " Oh luke that's so kind of you. I've loved touring with you too" he says touching my arm and I blush. "Luke are you blushing" I put my face in my hands from embarassment. "Oh Lukey it's okay you don't need to be embarrassed . In all honesty I've developed feelings for you through out this tour" he tells me. " Well in that case Ashton Irwin would you like to go on a date with me?" I ask. " I would love to" he replies.

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