Tris pov:

When Zeke walk out I turn to Tobias "what do dauntless usually do at parties? "I ask looking at hum. He shrugs "dance, drink, play candor or dauntless,  have fun" I nod "what's candor or dauntless? " Tobias smiles "a game.If you pick candor you have to answer a question truthfuly and if you pick dauntless you have to do a dare." I nod once again "but what if I don't want to do the dare or answer the question?"I ask."you have to take a item of clothing shoes and socks don't count."

I start to feel tired and yawn."You should go to bed" Tobias says laying his hands on my shoulders."you too." I say "I will take the couch you can have the bed." He shakes his head "no you sleep in the bed and I  will sleep on the couch." Tobias is stubborn so I know he won't listen to me."okay.But I want you to sleep with me in the bed." I say.He smiles and laces his hands with mine. I smile as we both walk in hid bedroom.

I sit in Tobias' bed while he looks for something in his closet. Tobias comes to me and hands me something. It's his shirt. It smells like him. Safe. "Thanks I say and walk to the bathroom to change.

The shirt barely covers my but.

I walk in the bedroom and see Tobias laying in the bed with no shirt and sweatpants. I smile at the sight of him. I still can't belive he chose me over all the other girls in dauntless. He sees me and smiles. I can feel my cheeks get hot as I walk closer to him.

I get in the bed and lay down next to him. He wraps his arms around me and scoots me closer to him. I feel the warmth of his body against my chest as I close my eyes. "Goodnight Tris." Says Tobias. "Goodnight Tobias" I say as I focus on his steady heartbeat.

"I love you" he whispers.

I drift off into a dreamless sleep.

~~~~~~~~ Next morning ~~~~~~~~~~~

I wake up to a annoying beeping sound. The alarm clock. Ugh. "Tris, wake up!" Tobias says as he lightly shakes my shoulders to wake me up.

"okay, okay " I mumble as I open my eyes. When I open them I meet another pair of eyes. Dark blue. I smile and try to get up but Tobias just pushes me back. "What about a good morning kiss?" Tobias asks. My smile gets even bigger and I kiss his forehead to tease him. He rolls his eyes and presses his lips to mine.

I pull away and get up to get ready.

I get dressed in my usual clothes and go in the living room to find Tobias near the door waiting for me.

I walk to him and he laces his hands with mine as we walk out of his apartment to go to the dinning hall.

We walk in silence. Not in a weird silence.  In a comforting that is only possible with Tobias.

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