Prologue : The Start Of our New Life

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        "Forest.....Forest! "  the loud obnoxious voice of her mother boomed as the young female awoke in a tired haze. "Forest, get off your bum and come help with the chores!" the older female scolded as the young blonde yawned, rubbing her eyes as she got ready for another day of labor around the farm. Of course, it wasn't anything new or entirely glamorous, but it go things done. Stretching her arms high above her head, she looked around her room, seeing the same old setting, the same old dresser, the same old cracked mirror she used to check her appearance.  Nothing would ever change.  It was always a dull life of being a Jones. Work, Eat, Sleep, that's all there was to it. Well...not entirely.  Standing in the door way stood Isabella, young and silent, no words had ever left the girl's mouth.  But, that didn't bother forest much, she knew the day would come when her younger sibling would find the courage to speak. 

        But, for now it was time to get to work. Climbing out of the comforts of her bed, she tip toed onto the cool touch of the wooden floor board of her bedroom. Gracefully making her way to her worn down dresser, she only half glances over to her younger sibling who watched with great interest. " Bella, what'cha starin for? "  she questioned as she opened the top drawer for her house dress she wore for working around the farm. But, no answer came of course.  "Bella, darlin' i need privacy for dressin, i promise i'll come attend to what'cha need after i'm finished okay?"  she said as she undid her night gown, allowing it to drop to the floor.  As  a response a faint nod came from the younger sibling as she left without a sound.  Know one could figure why the young child never spoke a word, she was always so calm and collected most would think she was born without a voice. But, the reality of that truth was a secret kept between the two.

         Only eight years old and born with strange skin birth-affect called Lamellar ichthyosis, it was rough. Forest knew so well that Isabella would have trouble in making it through life on her own unless she had the proper love and care.  Having her right arm and leg only affected by the disease most said she was lucky, but  she had to always keep bandages wrapped around them from people seeing.  It was cruel how god could pick only so few to inherit such curses, but in his eyes we were all loved, right? So no blame could entirely fall on the man above, he was just doin his job. 

        Pulling on her dress for chores, forest let a shaky sigh pass her lips as she grabbed a scrunchie, tangling her hair into a messy pony tail as she blew her bangs out of her face. Hair was such a bother, if her mother would let her she would've chopped all those annoying curly blonde locs off, wearing a  cap for the rest of her life it meant to block out the ridicule of being possible bald. But, being a respectful little angel, forest didn't nit pick about it too much since her mother was under enough stress with the bills and their father coming home late drunk off his ass. 

        Walking out after taking a final look in the cracked mirror that stood upon her desk proudly with its large crack down the middle, she walked out of her room, peaking her head out as she searched for the young female. "Bella?" she called softly for the mischievous sibling. Feeling a light tug upon the back of her dress, she gasped startled and whipped around on her heels as she looked over to see the younger female with a small smile on her dirt covered face. "oh..bella, ma going to paint your back porch red if you don't go and wash up."  Forest said as she chuckled softly, ruffling the young girl's brown messy locs. Nodding in understanding, she tugged on her dress lightly again, wanting her to help her wash up so she could help her around the house. 

Setting up a warm bath for the child, she smiled helping her undress when she trailed her hands over her scalely arm. It had gotten worse, she hadn't been using the lotion the doctor had advised her to use. " need to use what the doctor gave you, he wants you to be able the pain.." she said softly looking into her blue brown hues as bella shook her head no. "bella-"  she said before being cut off by there mother. "Forest, where you been? i called you down about thirty minutes ago and still your wastin your time?" she said in scolding tone of voice. "no mam, bella bee here got dirty so i was just settin' her up a bath." she said in a respectful tone. Still irked with irritation her mother sighed. "fine, after she washed up come down and go check the chickens for eggs, milk jessy, and clean out the barn alright?" she said as she looked at her daughter with a much more calmer expression. "yes mam." she said firmly and nodded her head before helping her sister into the tub. 

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