Part 7

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Luke's POV

She was so adorable. She looked quite punk rock. I usually don't notice girl's make up , but damn, that black liner on her eyes! It made her look so sexy and kind of more adult, but in a good way. We were walking down the street and she asked: "So what are we going to do at your place?". "Stuff...", I smirked. She giggled and then looked down grinning. It was a little awkward at first. I looked in her eyes and then slowly reached for her hand. She smiled and whispered in my ear:"You know, you were cute at English class today...". I knew exactly what she meant, but I decided to play innocent: "Well am I not always?" I whispered in her ear. People were passing by and probably found it awkward, but neither of us seemed to care. "I don't know if you are", she whispered. She turned towards me and looked if anyone was watching and then she slowly massaged my dick for about 2 seconds. Then she turned back to our walking position. "God! I didn't know that she was naughty like that", I thought. She took my hand in her hand again and giggled. I quickly took the another hand of hers in my other hand and kissed her slowly. We were making out and I decided to put a little tongue in. As i did so, she quietly moaned into my mouth. That was the moment I knew I wanted her. I was scared of one thing only. Getting an erection. I was so turned on that I thought it would break my pants, but luckily I was somehow able to control my thoughts and it didn't happen. We approached my house and I unlocked the door. She kissed me on the cheek and it was so cute. Her eye stuff really did make her look incredibly naughty though. I offered her a seat on the couch and awkwardly said: "Do you want to eat together? I thought we could order some pizza." She smiled and said: "Oh sure! I'm a pizza person." She giggled. "So am I", I said. I didn't know what should I offer her to drink and normally I would panick, but thos time I was calm. I guess her presence made me calm or as my therapyst would say: "Social anxiety can only be slightly controlled by a person that is not you.". "Jane?" I cried from the pantry sounding like I was her friend. "Yes, Luke?" she cried back playfully. "Do you like vodka?".

Jane's POV

Oh, I loved vodka, but didn't want us to get drunk. I laughed at his words and then shouted: "Yes, but I don't like throwing up after 5 or 6 glasses!". I hoped it would turn him off a little bit. Yes, it was true that I really was horny and touched his dick...Oh, Lord, I touched his dick! Anyways, I didn't want to do it now. I just wanted to "feel special" as cliche this sounds. And this was not special, at least not for me. "Okay" he shouted and I heard him fill up the glasses. I took off my jacket and thought to myself: "Well, he is probably just nervous, I guess I'll forgive him this time. My mom has always told me to never be with a person who doesn't take your coat off a.k.a. "a gentleman", but I wasn't a lady that day either - dick feeling in public! Oh, God, why did I do it in public?! Well he seemed to enjoy it and it was kind of fun too!". I sat on the cold leather couch and he came back from the pantry with two glasses in his hands. "Come on, let's go to my room", he said. I was a little surprised, but still followed him to his room. We sat on his bed and he gave me the glass. I drank the vodka and so did he. Then he started vigorously kissing my neck. It was so damn great so I didn't resist, but I knew I didn't want it. Just when he was about to unbutton his dark blue shirt, I looked down and said:"Luke...I just don't want to rush it." He put his hand on my shoulder. "Oh, It's okay", he said giving me a peck, "I'm sorry", he said the exact same words on the exact same bed from a few days ago. I rememberd everything again and said: "It's okay, baby." I hugged him and then he played with my hair. It was so sweet and it gave me chills. Then we made out on his bed and he grabbed my ass. I laughed. It was really sweet. It was already 9 PM and I decided I had to go. "No", he said with a frown ing like a child, "I don't want you to go." I smiled and hugged him for what seemed like the 10th time that day, but I didn't care. "My parents won't be back home till 11 AM tomorrow. They are out of town because of something with my dad's company.You should stay." I was so surprised and excited. I said yes and call Diana to tell my parents that I'm sleeping at her's if they call and she teased a lot, but then, of course, said she will save me as always. Then I called my parents. I was so excited. We laid in his bed and ordered pizza. Then around 10 PM the pizza arrived and I decided to hide my clothes. Then we laid in his bed again and ate the pizza. He was feeding me little bites and it was so sweet! We were giggling the whole time and it just felt so unreal. Then he gave me one of his shirts to sleep in and it was super comfy. He was complimenting my looks all the time. And once he actally complimented my eyeliner which I found a little unusual. At 12 PM we turned off the lights and pulled the covers up. I set my alarm for 9 AM to make sure his parents don't see me next morning. We were laying in the bed and then I heard him get out of the bed and look out the window wondering: "Is it...? Is it snowing?! It's snowing Jane!". I stood on the bed and so did he and hugged me. I was so happy to see him so full of joy. Then he kissed me on the forehead and started jumping on the bed and so did I. We laughed and then we got pretty exhausted so we laid down. We were breathing out loudly. "I wish this lasted forever, Jane", he said in the dark. His voice was so sexy. "Me too, Luke" I said. Then he moved my hair off my face and kissed me goodnight.


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