the first conquest

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"Heart breaker you say? have you completely lost your mind?" Laura shouted at me over the phone. I could not care less of her opinion. I knew I was making the right decision. I mean, why get your heart broken again, when you can have twice the fun and non of the pain?. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was the same,  I had long straight brown hair, hazel eyes, natural blush cheeks, and I was still really short and even a bit chubby, But one thing was for sure I was not the same person as the day before.  I took a shower and put on my tightest jeans on, grabbed my coffee and walked out the door.

I sat next to that cute boy in my bus which I used to be to shy to talk to. He had blue eyes strong looking jaw, and just the perfect body, not too tall but not short either. I was trying to be really smooth smiling but looking like I was doing him a favour by sitting next to him.

"Hey, can I borrow a pen" he asked.  
"sure, no problem" I said giving a pen to him from my pencil case.
"it does not work" he replied complaining.
"yeah, here. try writing your number" he said.
"Ha cute" I said writing my number like it was no big deal, but I could not believe that I had pulled it off.

He was gorgeous but I forbid  myself from thinking of him.  *heart breaker! heart breaker!* I thought to myself. The rest of the day, I felt so alive and self-confident. When I got to the bus I winked at that guy and sat at the back of the bus in a free booth. I looked at the window the rest of the journey. Suddenly a tear rolled down my cheek when I saw the bench were me and William met, the same bench in which I caught him cheating on me. I felt someone gently stroking my arm, it was Mr. gorgeous blue eyes, from the morning trip.  

"Are you okay?" he asked. "yeah, I am fine" I said wiping my face with my shirt sleeve. When we got to my stop, he asked if he could walk me home. "I am big girl, I think I can manage" I answered.
"I believe you but even big girls like a bit of company, my name is Sebastian".
"Well Mr. Gentleman, I do not want any company. I like being by myself"I said.

I left and walked home. I knew I had done the right thing because, we would have started talking and then maybe date and then I would get heart always. I opened my book and just read. reading is a way of escaping real life without actually changing anything, when you read you can fall in love without the pain, that's what I liked about it. As a read this book I started to relate the main character to Sebastian, and I scared myself bad. I closed the book and went to dinner, distracting myself from anything that reminded my of him. I was a heart breaker and I had to remain the part. 

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