Party time

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*4 days later*
*jack g pov*

It's Friday so I'm going to throw a party. I ask jack j to help me plan it he's down for anything. Me jack j and sam and Nikki ride to my house to start planing.

*Nikkis pov*

I'm not really into party's so I'll probably just sit around and watch everyone make a fool of them selves. I run upstairs into Jacks room and crash on the bed. *3 hours later* I wake to loud music and screaming "oo no,Jack" I said to myself I sprint down the stairs to see Jack fighting with Zach the caption of the lacrosse team I run between them sam grabs me "NO, u can't stop him" he says loudly, "watch me" said as I laugh. I pull on jacks shirt I connect our eyes "don't do It jack" he clenches his jaw. He drops Zachs shirt I pull him through the crowd and take him outside. "Why are u always fighting" I say sadly "why do you care" he says " I don't.." I say looking at my shoes he lifts my chin "I didn't mean it like that" he says kindly "oh,um do u wanna take a walk or something?" I ask nervously. " you don't have to be scared of me." He said looking at me lips. "Why would I be scared?" I say as I keep on walking looking him dead in the eye. "Don't try to be tuff now little Johnson" he says giggling. I slap his chest "whatever" I laugh "wanna go back now it's only 9:30 and your already trying to beat the shit out of people sad just sad" I say looking at him. "He was talking about smashing you, I care about you I don't want him to give you an std or something" I take a big gulp "why would he wanna do that he's dating my bestfriend,I say looking at the ground now. "He's a pig." He said clenching his jaw. "Let's go back." "Ya your brother is probably looking for us." We walk back in silence, when we get back we part ways I was looking for sam but he was drunk and dancing on some other girl. "Of course." I say looking at the ground. I look around for jack j my brother I see him talking to some girls. "Jack" I say quietly. "Go away Nikki" he says like a prick. "Well then" as I was walking with my head down I bump into jack "hey watch where your fucking going" he says really harsh. I opened my mouth but nothing came out "wait Nikki I'm sorry I didn't." "Save it" I say trying not to cry. "Can u just take me home" I ask balling now. "I'm drunk" he laughs. "Alright I'll just walk" I said still crying "can u tell my brother please" "ya." He yells really loud. I head home it's only 2 blocks down. When I get home I just go in my room and crash.

A/n hey guys this is my first book so I'm not to good at this but I will try to post on the days I don't have cheer:)❤️❤️ ilyy

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