Chapter 1

She woke up feeling nothing at all, got out of bed, washed her face, applied some face toner-even though she didn't care about her looks, she did take care of her health, and always liked to take care of her skin- she brushed her perfectly aligned teeth after years of suffering from braces, and ate her bowl of cereal, put on her uniform, tied her hair into a messy bun and went going.. Oh, she wasn't a student, she worked in a company which she loved and hated at the same time. she LOVED it for the high salary, but HATED it for the hard work she has to get done, and for the early mornings she had to get up at. Oh she was a morning person, but when you're up till 12AM doing work and have to get up the next day at 6AM.. yeah.. not very pleasant.

She had chosen to leave her hometown and go live in Korea. A dream of meeting all the idols she had dreamt of seeing in person lingering in her mind. Little did she know, that's not really how things work.. She's been saving to go to her favourite bands' concerts. And to be frank, her savings can buy her a whole company by now.. The thing is, her work never provides the time nor energy to do so... So she has decided. She's going to leave the company soon enough, and meet up with all her favourite artists.

She puts her headphones in as she sits in the bus station waiting for her bus. As it arrives, she rides in, and admires the beautiful city of Seoul, as she never gets tired of its view. As she arrived at the company, she greets many of the colleges she works with.. Frankly, she was a very social person, and can make friends with everyone, even competitors of the company, but she would like to be alone at times, and would wish to pretend like she knows no-one around her. As she walks through to get to her office desk, she sees him.. That very adorable face in the morning that would just make her day.. Do KyungSoo.. She liked him ever since she had met him the first time. She just couldn't help but fall for his charms, that heart-shaped smile of his, and his angelic voice, his wide eyes that she can't help but get lost in. He was a bit short, but he was way taller than her, frankly, she was so short that she wouldn't even know how to talk to some Asian men.. or women.

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