2015 (troy)

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Hi I'm Troy, I am what's considered a sports fanatic. Although I love sports I'm also into tech.
I am researching satellites, I want to go up to space to look at the stars and other planets.
My mum; Jane, works for NASA. She has promised to tell my everything to do with space.
I play lots of sports eg. Football, cricket, and basketball. I play football for a team called The Tritons, and cricket and basketball for the school team.
My dad; Jason, is a basketball player, well he used to be. Now he's a coach.
I get homeschooled by my aunt. You may think 'homeschooled?' Well it's not as bad as it sounds, my aunt has studied school teaching, so I'm all educated normally. My friend Lockie also gets homeschooled so we meet up a lot of the time.

Troy's POV
I just finished my laps around the oval, I ran up to my room and got changed out of my running clothes and into jeans and any-shirt.
"Troy, time to start working on your satellite" said my aunt from her room,
"Ok I'll start as soon as I can," I practically shouted from my room.
When I went down to the office, I saw my mum's car pull up in the driveway.
she walked up to the door and unlocked it,
"Hey mum, why are you home so early?" I asked as she walked into the room and put her bags down on a chair.
"Sweetie, I have some good news for you!" She said excitedly,
"What is it mum?"
"Well they have found another possible life planet called Destiny, and are looking for volunteers your age to go and take a look!"
I was so exited I couldn't believe it.
"How do I go? Who do I call?" I asked whilst jumping up and down
"Just call 13405923, but Troy, I'll never see you again. You will be on that ship for the rest of your life." She looked at the ground with tears in the brims of her eyes.
"I love you mum, I really want to go. I've always wanted this opportunity"
"Well you better go call them now" she said looking up a bit.
I ran out the room into the hallway and grabbed the phone from its charger.
"Hi I would like to apply for the planet Destiny job. I have got the standards..."

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