Chapter Five

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"Syo-Chan!" Mei said as she ran towards the shota.

"Don't call me Syo-Chan!" Syo said, his face red.

"Sorry" Mei said, looking down. "It's fine" Syo said.

Mei hugged Syo, "Ne, Syo... You are cute to me" Mei said.

Syo's face turned a deep red. "Y... You are cute to me..." He said and he hugged Mei back.

Mei smiled, "I'm glad we're friends" She said.

"Me too..."


Mei was in the practice room with Tokiya, helping him right a song.

"Let me see what you have so far" Mei said, Tokiya nodded and handed Mei his music sheet, their hands touched in the process.

Mei thought nothing of it and read the sheet.

Tokiya on the other hand, was staring at his hand, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Mei, you and Reiji are very close..." Tokiya said, Mei smiled. "Well, he is my brother..." She said.

"Brother?!" Tokiya nearly yelled. Mei nodded, "He's my twin brother!" She said happily.

Mei handed Tokiya the music sheet back, "Here" She said.

Tokiya took it, "Thanks..." He said.


"Mei-Chan! Want to cook with me?" Natsuki asked, "Sure" Mei asked.

"Yay!" Natsuki cheered.

Mei watched Natsuki make a cupcake terribly.

"Natsuki... That isn't how you bake something..." Mei said.

"It's not?" Natsuki asked. Mei nodded and showed Natsuki how to properly bake.

"Oh... Thanks Mei-Chan!" Natsuki said as he hugged Mei tightly.

Mei hugged him back. "You're welcome"


Mei was helping Otoya bring a lost kitten to its owner.

"Ne, Otoya-Kun.. What if someone you love was threatened to be killed... If you didn't do as they say?" Mei asked.

"I don't know... I haven't thought about it before..." Otoya said.

"I'd probably do what they say" He said.

Mei looked down, "Did... Reiji talk about me to you guys?" Mei asked.

"Every time we saw him... He talked about how close you guys were until your twelfth birthday..." Otoya said.

Mei explained what happened.

"I see..." Otoya said.


Mei sat in front of Masato, "Hello, Masato-Kun..." Mei said.

"Hello" Masato said.

"I made tea" Mei said and handed Masato some tea.

"Thank you..." Masato said.

Both Mei and Masato drank their tea in silence.

"Masato-Kun... I... I'm glad I met you and the other members of STARISH" Mei said.

Masato smiled a little. "I'm glad we met you.."


Mei bumped into Ren and fell down, Ren caught her in time.

"Hello, kitten" Ren said.

Mei blushed and stood up straight. "G.. Gommen..." She said.

Ren handed her a flower and kissed her forehead. "It's alright..." He said.

Mei's face turned a bright red and walked away.


Mei walked into the forest and heard singing.

Mei ignored it and walked past, the singing stopped, "Mei-Chan!" Cecil said as he jumped down from a tree.

Cecil got close to Mei's face, "Ara? Mei, are you sick? Your face is red" He asked.

"I.. I'm fine" Mei said then walked away.

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