Nolen in MM

Alicia: You need to make sure she falls for you.

Nolen: She will don't worry I got the looks ma

Alicia: shut up .

She storms away from me and I continue eating. Speaking of the devil Lauren walks in looking gorgeous as ever. She looks around trying to find where I'm sitting. I wave her over and she sees me walking over . she sits across from me smiling .

Lauren : Hey.

Nolen: Hey.

Lauren: So what's going on ?

Nolen: Nothing much what would you like to order ?

Lauren: Nothing I'm good.

Nolen: You sure gorgeous ?

Lauren: Yes. So why'd you all of a sudden have some interest in me?

Nolen: ive always been interested in you .

Lauren: Mmm okay.

Nolen: So you wouldn't mind coming somewhere with me ?

Lauren: Where ?

Nolen: Carnival baby girl.

Lauren: Aiit boo.

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