5 days after.
I guess you can say I'm horribly bad for doing what I'm doing. Not a bit of innocence marking my body. But this new habit is getting way to fun for me, and I can't help myself. With my body firmly against his, our lips never disconnecting, rough. We're in the dark though, lights off, nothing to be heard but the sound of our sloppy kisses. My hands fumbling with his buttoned shirt.

"Ariana." He breathes. My hands stop in place and move slowly down his torso.

"What is it?" I whisper, pressing my forehead against his.

"I just- you're not a-"

"No..no." And with that he leaned up again, his mouth against mine again. The fire starting to course through my body with his touch leaved me wanting more, and turning me into someone I wasn't. His lips moving down my jaw and towards my neck, he stops by the crook, his teeth grazing the skin rather harshly. In the moment everything stops for a second.

"Harry?" I question uncomfortably. I hear him let out a small growl, as he pushes me under him, his lips hovering over my neck.

I look at him questioningly, my hands running softly against his jaw line.

"Harry?" I call to him again in a bare whisper. His head turns to me slowly, and I stifle a gasp, he looks almost satanic,  there's a dark, red glow to his eyes, and he looks away again quickly. My heart is pounding.

"H-Harry..what-" suddenly the lights turn on, and Harry is being pushed off my body, my eyes squint adjusting to the bright light.

"Bliss?" I recognize her, getting up slowly from the bed, and looking towards the corner of the room where she has Harry by the throat. The scene around me moves too quickly.

"Bliss! What the hell are you doing!" I yell at her moving towards her, she looks back at me with a glare.

"Get out Ariana!" She booms furiously, I'm taken aback but I stand where I am, my eyes moving to Harry, my lips buzzing from the kisses he gave me.

He struggles under Bliss's grip, but the red in his eyes doesn't leave. I feel as if I might break. A sudden jolt to my hand surprises me, a strong arm takes my hand and leads me out, quickly.

"Let go of me!" I cry. Punching at the strong chest that holds me in place against the wall outside the room Harry's being choked in. I look up meeting Liam's brown eyes. I grow to hate him in the moment.

"Liam! She's going to fucking kill him! Help him! Please just help him!" My cheeks are stained with dry tears and new ones forming in the corners of my eyes, my back slides down against the wall, and Liam follows me on his knees, his hands on either of my shoulders.

"Ariana, he's going to be okay, look at me." My lips trembling as I look up at him with my watery orbs. His eyes look deep into mine as he tucks a stray strand of hair behind my ear, and holds my fave reassuringly.

"What-What's wrong with him?" I whisper stuttering. Liam shakes his head and opens his mouth to speak.

"I want you to forget what you just saw." He says looking into me, his eyes hypnotizing me for a second, but I look away breaking his gaze.

"I can't forget Liam, tell me he's going to be okay, please tell me he's okay, what's going on?" I whisper my hands covering my mouth as I squeeze my eyes shut letting even more tears spill out of my eyes.

"What...?" Liam says confused holding his head in surprise.

"Ariana, you still remember what you just saw?"

"Liam! I came as soon as I could..is she okay-" Nova's blonde hair appears up the stairs into the dimly lit hallway, she takes my appearance and gets on her knees in front of me, next to Liam. She takes my hand and smiles lightly.

"Did you compel her?" She whispers soft, but not enough for me not to hear.

"It didn't work, she's not being compelled, and she's not even wearing a compulsion protection ring or necklace or whatever."

"What?" I look at the two, argue and share confused glances.

"What are you two..." Nova looks at me and tilts her head.

"No, no Ariana we would never hurt you."

"What are you!" I yell getting up my feet jello, my world falling down into bits.

"We can handle this, if we just stay calm.." Liam begins to speak his hand reaching out for me. But I turn away and dash down the stairs of this grand house, the party still in the living room. Running through sweaty bodies, I finally make it to the door, and run out into the cold air, just into January, the air was too violent to handle. But I for one was running for my life.

"Ariana! Come back!" That voice could be recognized anywhere, and I was deathly afraid. Harry.

My feet moved as fast as they could, but not enough, eventually discarding my shoes into my palms and running even farther my bare feet going numb from the cold sidewalk. Again, weather like this was too violent to handle, but I for one, was running for my fucking life.

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