Part 4

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Maddie's P.O.V

I haven't seen liv since Ash told her about him taking my virginity, after this I knew she would never forgive me. I kept the lie up for two years...

"Maddie?" I saw my mum looked worried at my through the window. By my window there is a little place on the roof that I go to think and escape the world.

"What's up mum?" I reply turning my head towards her.

"I came to check on you, the last 3 days you haven't been yourself. Calum has even noticed it..." It must be noticeable if Calum's seen it because he never notices anything.

"It's nothing I just don't feel good that's all" I say brushing her off.

"Alright then sweetie" after that she left I thought I would finally be left alone but I was wrong.

"Hey Maddie" I look to see Calum crawling out the window.

"Hey cal, thought you would have been with the guys?" He's normally out with Luke, Michael and sometimes Ash around this time.

"Ash cancelled he said something came up and mikey and Luke are in work" I was happy to see him home, he's hardly ever in.

"Poor you" I say resting my he's on his shoulder.

"So what's going on with you then? And don't lie to me Maddie because I can tell when your lying" he looked so serious about it. Well here goes nothing.

"Fine! I've lost my best friend because I lied to her for two years...I told her that I lost my virginity to the lad across the road and I never, I lost it to someone else..." I was on the verge of breaking down, I've lost my best friend....

"Why lie to her when you could always trust Liv? And who did you loose it too??" His tone changed so quickly I couldn't tell how he was feeling about this conversation.

"It was Ashton..." I look to my brothers face turn into anger.

"WHY!! Maddie are you fucking stupid? He's one of my best friends and you went and slept with him?" He's shaking his head at me, I couldn't help it I was in love with Ash at the time.

"I loved him Cal, as stupid as that sounds I really did" I felt the year building up in my eyes but I tried so hard to hold them back.

"You were 15! You wouldn't know what love is if it slapped you in the face!!" He spat, I've never seen Cal this worked up before.

"Cal..." I say going to follow him

"Fuck off Maddie! Who ever you are, you need to bring back my sweet little sister back because this slut you've replaced her with is horrible" he says slamming the door behind him.

He called a 'slut'! He's surpossed to be my brother and he called me that. I couldn't fight my tears anymore, so I broke down in the middle of my bedroom floor, I've realised I'm all alone, no-one is there for me anymore. I've lost Olivia, I've lost Cal and I've lost Ash...

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