Three Years Later


As Alex peeled open her eyes, the blinding sun wasn't the only one waking her. Although Ashton knew that she hated being woken up, it was her birthday, and he decided to stand over her bed alongside her dad, who held the cake. "Alex, wakey wakey, you're twenty!" Ashton sang softly into her ear. She grunted and rolled over, holding her forearm over her eyes like a sheild. "I have banana pancakes..." He continued. At this Alex bolted straight up, and sure enough, there were banana pancakes on her desk. Acknowledging her longing glance at the short stack, Ashton brought the plate, along with a napkin, fork, and knife, to her bed. Alex chowed down, and when she was done, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Next to Ashton, she looked like a pipsqueak, another thing she hated about herself. "Alright, out, I'm getting dressed," She shooed the two of them out, closing the door behind them. Turning to her closet, she searched through before landing on a red and black flannel, pulled it out (along with a black tee shirt), and slipped them on. Then going to her bureau, she looked for a pair of skinny jeans. When she did, she pulled them on, and brushed out her hair. It was getting really long, (almost too long), and she made a mental note to get it cut. Alex didn't want to overdo her makeup, and so she made the decision to apply just a thin line of black eyeliner and mascara, (before that she put on foundation and cover up, too), and nude lipstick. 

After lacing up her black combat boots, Alex bounded down the stairs to her dad and Ashton, who were in the middle of a conversation. "Hey, Lex, I just got a text from Luke that everyone is at Mikey's playing video games. Wanna go?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah. That good with you, dad?" Alex replied, then asked her dad.

He nodded. "We're having cake later, if they would like to join us?"

"I'll be sure to ask." She informed her dad.

Alex and Ashton walked out to Ashton's car, and got in before driving away to Mikey's.

Mikey was an old friend of Alex's, and was best friends with Ashton. The two boys went to school together before Mikey dropped out with Luke and Calum.

Luke and Calum were friends of Alex and Ashton's, too. Luke was a tall boy with blonde hair that he coifed up, and a lip ring. Calum, on the other hand, was tan and with a mop of black hair that he bleached in the front. Tattoos covered his arms and collarbones, giving him a rugged, bad boy look, although that wasn't the case at all. He was such a softie and a great friend, but if you offended on of his friends or his family...

Ashton pulled up to Mikey's house and Alex got out, walking up to the door. It opened almost immediately by a grinning Calum, who engulfed her in a bone- crushing hug. "You're twenty!" He cheered.

"Yeah." Alex replied, her voice raspy from being squeezed half to death by Calum. Sometimes he didn't know his strength, and his arms crushed her.

"Sorry." Calum apologized, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. Alex shrugged and laughed before hugging Mikey and Luke, who wished her a happy birthday.

"Thanks guys, but I'm just twenty. There's nothing new to being twenty." She laughed.

"Nuh-uh! We can party all night long!" Ashton said, doing some ridiculous dance. All five of them laughed before going inside to play on Mikey's Xbox.


"I know what I want for my birthday." Alex announced to her dad.

"And that is...?" He asked.

"I want to get my hair cut." She replied, playing with the blue ends.

Mr. Connley nodded. "Okay, if that's what you want."

"Can I get it done now?" Alex asked.

"Sure. Just, be back by five, please?" It was three.

"Can do. See ya." She grabbed her keys, wallet, phone, and sunglasses before going out and driving away.

When she got to the salon, Alex walked to the cashier and asked to see Andrea, a stylist that always did her hair. "Sure. Let me get her for you." The cashier, Shaia said.

Alex waited for no longer than two minutes before a tall redhead appeared with a huge smile on her face. "Alex!"

"Andy, hi!" The girls hugged, and Alex sat down in a chair.

"What do you want done?" Andy asked, playing with Alex's hair.

"Chopped to the collarbone." Alex replied curtly.

"All of this?" Andy cried.

"Yup. And then can you color it blue again?" She asked.

"Well, I guess so." She grabbed her scissors. "any last-minute regrets?"

"Nope. Just do it." Alex ordered.

Andy worked for a solid five minutes before she was done cutting Alex's hair. It felt different, but better, and she loved it.

"Now for the blue." Andy pulled out a tube of blue hair dye and some bleach before leading Alex into the back. "you coming?"

Alex had been too busy admiring her new hair and the way it accentuated her jaw. "Yeah."

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