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A group of people named James, Sarah, John, Kim, Luke, and Sam.) went to a antique shop and were looking around and one of them found a Ouija board. They decided to get it. Later that night they went over to there friend James's house and hung out with him, they later settled in and were staying the night over at James's house, they were bored and complained they had nothing to do. And they happened to have the Ouija board with them in one of the persons backpack. They took it out of the backpack. They lit a candle and turned all of the lights of and begin playing. the first question that was asked by Luke was...
"Is anyone with us?"
(It moved) it spelled out " Y E S"
the next question someone asked was "what is your name?"
The ouija board spelled out "Z O Z O"
they didn't know who ZoZo was, he is a demon in the spirit world. they had contacted a demon. One person began to freak out and wanted to stop playing so they put the Ouija board back in the backpack. They didn't say "Goodbye." Later that night when they went to sleep around 3:30 Sarah woke up to footsteps that sounded from in the basement. (When there was no one in the basement.) (Everyone was sleeping on the floor in the living room.) Sarah begin getting scared and woke up her boyfriend John and told him that she heard a noise from the basement, so they woke up James and told him, he than began to go over to the basement and turned the light on and walked down the stairs and looked around. He said that there was no one here. Just then he got dragged by something invisible and they watched in horror as he was dragged away. Sarah screamed and woke up everyone else and they ran over and asked what was wrong and she told them what had happened and they began not believing her and Kim was scared and wanted to leave. John said that he was going to look for James and make sure he's ok. John grabbed a baseball bat in the bedroom and began walking down the stairs leading into the basement. (10 minutes passed by and he didn't return) Sarah began getting nervous and she was anxious to know if John was ok. she walked over to the basement and yelled, "JOHN?" "No reply" she began getting worried and grabbed a flashlight and began walking down the stairs to the basement. Kim, Luke, & Sam were sitting on the living room floor and were confused and were talking about what was going on.
Kim: I don't know what's going on, do you guys know?
Sam: No
Luke: No
Sam: I was asleep so I don't know what happened
Kim: I was asleep to
Luke: So was I
(5 minutes went by) no sign of Sarah.
They all went to walk to the basement and heard a big. "BANG" they ran to the basement door and looked down into the basement. There was just a lightbulb dangling from the ceiling swinging back in forth. They grabbed flashlights and they all walked down the stairs into the basement and were screaming "SARAH?" "Hello" "Are u ok?" No reply. they looked around and saw nothing but dusty chairs and cobwebs. They decided to split up and go look for them. (5 minutes later) they met back at the center of the room in front on the stairs and they all said they hadn't found them. they began to get scared and anxious to know where they were. they all went together to look around to see if they were anywhere. They stared in horror when they saw the writing on the wall, it was written and smeared in blood and it said "You People Didn't Say Goodbye" they began getting scared and confused and then they looked up Ouija board and realized in that you are supposed to say goodbye before leaving the game. They got even more scared and went back down to the basement but realized the door was closed when they left the door open. They began trying to open the door to the basement and it wouldn't budge, they began trying to bang on the door and scream out there names. "SARAH" "JOHN "JAMES" no answer. (10 years pass by) people that have moved into the home in the years never messed with the door and the basement and have just left it alone. The home was abandoned and no one lives there anymore. Sarah, John & James were never seen again.

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