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{Zoe’s P.O.V}

I shouldn’t be scared…I know that if Niall really loves me then he will know I had nothing to do with it…Why am I so scared?

{Niall’s P.O.V}

‘Shut up Ashley!’ I yelled, ‘I don’t believe you!’

‘Well you should…because I’ve got proof that your “Fiancé” was all over that Cameron guy at the beach,’ she defended herself showing me the picture on her mobile phone.

How could this be real?

Zoe would never do that.

‘I can’t bring myself to believe it…’

She came closer and held me tight.

‘Shh…don’t worry…she doesn’t deserve you anyway…’.

She looked at my face as I gazed in her eyes…God! I’ve missed her sweet soft lips pressed onto mine.

I hesitated at first, but I crashed my lips onto hers and there I was…cheating on Zoe…for the second time.

The moment got heated and she wrapped her legs around my waist as she moved her hand between my hair.

I tried to stop…I should’ve stopped…why didn’t I stop?

I heard a loud knock on the front door, but I ignored it not wanting to pull away from the kiss.

My bedroom door opened and there stood a speechless, shocked, heartbroken Zoe.

‘I should leave,’ was all that Ashley said as she was leaving my bedroom with a smirk on her face.

{Zoe’s P.O.V}

The memories came rushing back again…this wasn’t the first time he cheated on me with Ashley.

Niall cheated on me before in front of my eyes…I didn’t know how to feel…I was heartbroken.

‘How could you!?’ was all I was able to say.

He looked at the floor as if trying to hide his face.

‘How could you do this to me? Again!?’ This time my face was filled with black mascara covered tears.


‘Don’t act so innocent…I remember everything! And I was the one who was afraid because of a stupid little kiss that I actually pulled away from!’

‘Zoe…please let me expl-’

‘No! We’re over Niall! And this time it’s for good!’ I ran away…I didn’t know where I was going but I had to run.

I got out of his house and passed a couple of blocks, but that was it…everything went pitch black after it.

{Niall’s P.O.V}

A couple more hours of guilt and regret and I received a phone call…noticing that Zoe called me 4 times before she stopped by.

I answered it and it was the hospital.

‘Mr. Horan?’


‘We are sorry to inform you that Mrs. Gasper was sent into a coma and we need your presence, so we can fill in all the needed information’.

‘Okay…I will be there as soon as possible’.

Zoe? She was sent into a coma?

How was that possible?

And in that moment I forgot what air was.

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