{Niall's P.O.V}

'Shut up Ashley!' I yelled, 'I don't believe you!'

'Keep on denying it, but you're going to have to face this one way or another,' she sat on my bed with her legs crossed and a playful smirk plastered on her face.

Zoe would never do that.

I felt the pangs that seeped through from deep down. I held a seedling of a grudge—and it was watered and sowed by embarrassment, bitterness, and anxiety until it had grown so big, my ego took over.

Ashley came closer and whispered in my ear, 'She doesn't deserve you anyway'. She left a trail of sloppy
slow kisses from my ear to my collarbones, taking off my tshirt and making her way down to my abs.

This isn't right.

I yanked her to me and covered her mouth with mine in a hungry kiss. She responded immediately, surprising herself. Her mouth was so warm, the caress of her lips softer than I could have imagined. She tasted tentatively with her tongue, then she opened her mouth with a low moan.

I tried to stop. I should've stopped. Why didn't I stop?

I heard a loud knock, and my bedroom door opened, only for Zoe's shattered eyes to meet mine. I pushed Ashley off of me and made my way over to Zoe, but she ran off.

{Zoe's P.O.V}

Have you ever balled up your fists so tight for so long that your knuckles got all white, your nails started digging into your palms, and you were afraid you might be drawing blood? When letting your hands slowly open up feels almost unnatural after having them so tightly wound for so long? It kind of feels like that. It's a pain which is at once deeply frustrating and oddly self-sustaining. You feed into the anger because it comforts you, in a strange way. Because to stop being angry, to stop clenching your fists, to loosen up for a minute and let go, would mean you have to feel the actual undercurrent of your anger: your pain.

A flood of memories came rushing back, playing infront of my eyes like a movie.

It wasn't the first time.

I heard a few moans coming from the girl's bathroom at school. I know it was probably better for me to stay out of it, but you know what they always say, curiosity killed the cat.
I was astonished by the sight right infront of me. It felt like a thousand daggers being stabbed into your heart, but people are telling you that it doesn't hurt, so you're holding everything inside of you.
His eyes met mine, and I dashed off, yet the image of him ontop of her could never leave my mind.

I don't know what happened after I left the house, but everything stopped and became so quiet.

Maybe I died, or maybe I passed out, but the pain never left my helpless body.

{Niall's P.O.V}



'Zoe's dying.'

And in that moment I forgot what air was.

-end of chapter-

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