Chapter Four

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Hi guys, first I would like to apologize for not updating this story sooner. Also thanks to all the people who followed me since the beggining of all this work. The people who read, voted and commented my first chapters and stuff. And don't forget all the people who also followed me these last days.

We are a lot now and that sounds great. THANKSSSS!

Well, now lets just start this chapter you were all waiting for...


I'm a 30 years old, art teacher who literaly hates her work. Honestly, I just go to school to 'cover' my working hours as to be payed and that's all.

I don't have a family neither many friends, I'm quite lonely maybe because of my negative attitude.

That day I reached the school on time, and directly headed in the cafeteria, for breakfast.

The place was empty and boring as any other morning at that time, I asked for a coffee and some chocolate cookies.

I had to be at the art room in some minutes. But though I tryied to hurry up, I was late as always.

The noisy and messy children were running arround the tables with pencils in one hand and in the other a small white sheet of paper.

As soon as I entered the room I shouted strongly and closed the brown, wooden, heavy door behind me, fastly.

All the kids began to walk towards their seats without leaving their eyes out of me.

Oh and, I am also known as a strong and mad teacher. The children are mostly scared of me! LOL

**We began to work**


I checked my watch, and noticed that it was tine to put everything away. So I stood up and when I was about to say:

- "Please guys, put everything away, we are near break time", the bell rang, interrupting my message.

As soon as tgey heard the bell, all of them ran away to the patio leaving all the materials on the table and stuff.

And of course, who had to organize that? Me!!


After some seconds I got tired and walked towards my bike, which was in the lot and exited the school.

I arrived home and as soon as I entered my room to take a nap, my phone rang!...

To be continued. Chapter four-Part 2

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