Chapter 2

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I woke up and saw that I'm in a car with a ...guy with a face mask... WAIT WHAT?! Shiitt the memories are coming back I got kidnapped... oh no.

"Look who's awake" the guy smirked at me... I didn't answer. I just got pissed!

"Let me go!" I yelled and he smirked in return "who are you anyways??"
"Why exactly does my name concern you?" He coldly responded. I just starred at him, he rolled his eyes and answered my question as he took off his face mask. Not gonna lie he's pretty hot!
"I'm Ross"

"And you are." He scarcasticly asked but I answered anyways.
"I'm Emma." I said with a light blush. He just looked at me weirdly.
"Why are you blushing? Did I like say something that...?" He asked confused. And that made me turn to a brighter red.

"Uhm uh s-sorry" I awkwardly said. Stop Emma! Wth is wrong with you! You can't fall for a guy that just kidnapped you!
"Can I ask you something?" I asked Ross.

"What?" He coldly replied.
"Why did you kidnap me? Did I do something?" I asked confused.
"Omg! Don't be stupid! I kidnapped you because your hot! Duh." He replied with a smirk. He just called me hot. Omg he called me hot.

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