Roses for Noses

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Once again, just my opinions, no scientific evidence blah, blah, blah...
I'm talking about pheromones, olfactory led physical urges, and all that malarkey, how they pertain to our reactions to members of the opposite sex.

I adore the smell of roses, soap, cream, perfume, even my washing up liquid is rose scented. I put rose blend essential oil on my radiator in the winter, I add it to coconut oil for all my cosmetic uses, my tiny postage stamp garden is full of them.

I don't think I can fully express my obsessive reaction to this smell enough. After a bath of pampering and perfuming my body, I snuggle with my beloved, and he...well, he ain't interested. He prefers the smell of my skin, me, au naturel.

I can understand that, when he went through chemotherapy seven years ago, it messed with his body’s natural chemistry, his scent changed and it drove me up the fricking wall. Imagine sleeping next to a man that don't smell like your own spouse, but is? People said it was in my head, but I changed the linen, washed his clothes, and I know what I know!

In my minimal and totally lackadaisical research, I've unearthed that Einstein was enamoured by the smell of a woman's chuff, and Napoleon quite bent on the bouquet of his unwashed wife. I'm sure neither of these two outstanding men is alone. In fact I know they ain't. Just Google ‘men who like smelly women’, there are plenty of forums with far more detailed opinions than I can give.
Reader beware, you might just want to take my word on it.

I'll be quite honest and admit that I like the smell of man’s honest toil, not so much the stank of three days sitting in his jimjams watching family guy, eating Doritos and picking his toenails...too much information? Probably.

Pheromones are released with physical labour and are designed to tickle the senses of those who wish to procreate. An animalistic instinct which I suppose allows us to populate this little green and blue ball called home. All unconsciously felt but thoroughly exciting none the less.

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