*Charlotte's POV*

"I'm so sorry. I can't believe she did that." Matthew said giving me another tissue. Instead of getting coffee, we went to an empty park and I told him what happened. I had been crying off and on for 2 hours now. "I-I just can't believe she's gone." I sniffled and cried. He pulled me in for a hug and I took it, as we sat on the ground. Something about Matthew was just so comforting, and he's always reassuring me that everything is gonna be alright...

*Matthew's POV*

I feel so bad about all of this. It's all my fault. She just- if anyone found out- it somehow would get back to my parents and then Charlotte would get hurt. Not just mentally, physically. No matter what the cost, I have to protect her. "M-Matthew can I as-sk you something?" She sniffled. I looked down in those sparkling hazel eyes and gave a little smile. "Anything." Her eyes were puffy and she sucked in breath. "Can I tell Sophie? A-about us." Charlotte asked gently. My mouth went into a line and my body went tense all over. I stared into a blank space and froze. "Matthew?" She asked again. I let out a little bit of air from my nose. "Charlotte I wish you could, but I can't risk it. You know my parents-." Charlotte stood up and narrowed her eyes. "Matthew I've been keeping this secret for a month now. Do you know how hard it is not to tell anyone, especially my best friend? For God's sake Matthew, I've been lying to my mom!" Charlotte raised her voice. I stood up as well, trying to remain calm. "Charlotte, do you think I want to keep this a secret? If I could, I'd tell my friends, my fans. God, I'd tell the whole world if I could! I love you Charlotte! And I want everyone to know that but I can't, you can't, and I'm sorry for that!" I blurted. She looked utterly shocked. I sighed, and slumped my shoulders. I'd never told anyone anything like that before, and i raised my voice at her for the first time ever. "There, I said it. I love you." I muttered. She stroked my cheek then put her hands in her pockets stiffly. "Matthew, I love you. You know that. But I can't do this anymore. Lies, sneaking out, loosing my best friend..." Her voice cut off. I looked at her and met her gaze. Her lips were trembling and I could feel myself starting to shake. "Charlotte what are you-" She went up on her tip toes and kissed me one last time. "I'm sorry." Tears poured down her face and one dripped from my cheek, then she was gone.

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