Wait.. I know you from somewhere...

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I fell to a stop. My feet spirit draping behind. It seems that running isn't exactly my forté... But at least I am probably a LONG way from the candy Kingdom. I hope I can go back there someday- maybe I could patch things up with the princess...

It took me a while to become aware of my surroundings. A cave... It's a pretty cave with a river flowing through. Luckily for me, it's light enough for me to see. I sighed to myself as I realise I would have to make a move again before it becomes dark and I will be stuck here for another few hours. Damn, I also just realised I have no food. I slip off my backpack, since my back was kind of aching now and rummaged through it. Well would you look at that- a lollipop... I don't remember packing this. Shrugging the thought off, I quickly bit into it. Ahh, the refreshing peppermint flavour I've always loved.

After I had eaten the entire lollipop, I started walking again. To be honest, I was already feeling lazy. But then I saw something up ahead. It was a square-like shape and quite small, considering it is a fare distance away. I quickly forget my legs are hurting and ran towards it, I could see it clearly now! A house! I reached the front door, about to knock.

But wait- why would there be a house in the middle of the cave? It makes no sense... Although previously I was living in a kingdom made entirely of candy, not to mention a bubblegum princess, so I guess this is pretty normal.

I heard music now. It sounded really good. There was someone or something in there, singing. Wow, they have an amazing voice. I felt wrong, eavesdropping on this person... But I needed shelter, and I needed food. Maybe this was my only chance to live... Okay I'll do it! I open the door and slip in just past the door. SLAM. The door shut behind me, as I looked up to see someone looking sternly at me.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?!" She yelled. Wow, she sounded pissed...
"I-I..." I didn't know what to say, oh dear- what's happening?
"I'm sorry!!!" I paused as I notice I've seen this face before. Yes, not long ago. But where...
"Hey, E-Erm do I know you?"
"DO YOU KNOW ME?? DO I KNOW YOU?!?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE T-" she paused also. "Hm... Actually, I do remember seeing a face like yours... Maybe we have met each other... But that STILL doesn't answer my question"
"What?" I hesitated for a moment. Everything's going so fast in my mind, I'm a bit scared actually... "O-oh, sorry. I'm just lost. I ran away from home and now I have no where to stay and nothing to eat". I told her. She seemed to have calmed down a bit.
"Oh. really? Bummer.. Well..." She sighs. "I. Guess. You. Could... Stay here...?" She sounded reluctant...
"Yeah, sure whatever. As long as you're not gonna murder me or anything. 'Cause you can't. I can't die- I'm a vampire...."
Vampire huh..... Then it hit me.
"Hey you're that vampire who came into the candy Kingdom and wrecked the kitchen!"
"Oh so we have met before!"
She has this time to her voice... Almost sarcastic.... It's kind of mocking.
"Yeah... We have... Something the vampire queen....?"
"It's Marceline". She said with a hiss. She continued, "anyways, since you now live with me you gotta know the rules. Okay, one- no touching my things without permission. Two- don't interrupt me while I'm recording... Again." I rolled my eyes. "Three- don't give me sass or you can kick your ass out of here. Oh and no taking my food without permission." She finished.
"Is that all?" I ask.
"No hurting the dog. Seriously." She looks serious... I don't really wan to mess with her, considering she's giving me shelter and everything... And the fact that she can kill me an drink all my blood.
"Sooo... You can drink my blood if I break the rules?"
She sighed. "Listen, I enjoy drinking or eating many things, vampires only drinking blood is a myth. I enjoy anything as long as it's red."
"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.
"Vampires drink shades of red."
Shades of red.... Interesting. I thought that the blood thing was real...
"Well anyways, what's your name?"
"Huh? Oh right, I totally forgot that... My name is ______".
"_____ Hm.... Well I think we are going to get along just fine."

~ (Okay, I know I keep saying I'll update soon and I don't, not because I don't want you guys to be happy, simply because I never have any time with school and everything, even in the holidays I have to study. I'm just going to say that I will keep updating, but I don't know how long until each update comes out. Just keep reading. Love you xx)

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