Rosemary Kukchi! (The Girl Who Never Whispers-!)

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Crona's p.o.v.

I woke up to the smell of strawberries, and saw Kasumi's beautiful pale face next to me asleep. Then there was a big loud bang on the door and She jumped out of her sleep like crazy, and clung to me tightly.

Then the voice of a loud female said "YO! KASUMI! GET YOUR CUTE ASS OUT OF THERE! IT'S ROSEMARY! KUKCHI!! YOUR WEAPON! COME ON ALREADY! WAKE UP!!!" Kasumi continued to cling to my shirt with a terrified expression on her face. "KASUMI! WAKE THE CRAP UP!!!" I got up and opened the door, to see a 6 foot girl with Red and Black hair, and a swirly tattoo on her face. She looked at me and asked "Who the hell are you? Are you Kasumi's boyfriend or something?!" I gave the girl a confident face and said "Y-Yes, I'm Kasumi's boyfriend, and we were both trying to sleep " the tall girl shot a throwing star out of her hand and loudly asked "Let me see Kasumi! !" I wasn't completely terrified, because I'm also 6 foot, but obviously 3 inches taller than the loud girl.

I let the girl in to see kasumi. She jumped on Kasumi, who was so cutely sitting in bed for 5 seconds before the giant girl glomped poor 5'1" Kasumi to death. "Oh Kasumi! I'm so happy to see your tiny self again! " Kasumi hugged her back and smiled. "Good to see ya too Rosemary..." I walked over and sat next to Kasumi and held her close me. "Ms.Kukchi, me and Kasumi need get ready for class and training..." Rosemary gave me a weird stare "You guys can go in your jamas. So what if Kas' nipples are poking out a bit!" My face went red as Ragnarok popped out of my back and shouted at Rosemary to leave. And she did, I closed the door behind me, just to turn around to the sight of Kasumi naked................. "U-U-UHH!!! K-Kasumi...!" She looked at me and smiled. "It's okay Crona! ~" My face became a new shade of crimson red. She continued to undress in front of me.. "Oh shoot... I can't wear a dress to class... all i have is my bra and panties! I can't go to class like this!" She seemed upset, so i got her one of my old robes and let her wear it. It fit her well, even though it was long in length. I cut the bottom of it a bit so it her perfectly, well, until i accidentally have her a small leg slit. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wink.  She Kasumi hugged me and thanked me for the old robe. Then we left for class at DWMA,

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