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It was a few weeks later and Brian was slowly recovering. We had gotten to now each other a lot and now were, as you say, like "peanut butter and jelly".

"Hey, Brian! What'd you do if I jumped into that ravine right now?" I asked playfully, looking into the deep chasm.

"I would try I catch you, and if I failed, I'd speak at your funeral. Now get back would ya?" He pulled me by my hood away from the edge.

"Well, you'd probably be the only person at said funeral."

"That is true, that said, you need friends. I know of a great village near here were you can meet people."

"YAAAS!! ADVENTURE!!!" I ran around him like a little kid.

He chuckled and grabbed me by my hoodie again, "Then follow me squirt."

I stuck out my tongue, but still followed him, not wanting to be alone.

- time skip -

It took awhile, and by awhile I mean I had to defend myself against zombies that night, but we finally arrived.

"Hey, Brian, I have a question." I look up at him.

"What is it Blue?" He smiled, showing his weirdly pointed teeth.

"Well, I've been in here for a few weeks, so, I need to catch up on my YouTube, does this place have computers?"

"Yep, in fact I think there's a store here that sells laptops." I beamed an started bouncing up and down.

"I wanna go!!" He rolls his eyes and pats my head.

"Alright squirt, let's go."

"Jesus H. Christ! Look at all the computers!!" Brian chuckled at my drooling over the different varieties and opened the door for me.

"But, Brian, I don't have money, what am I gonna pay with?"

"Don't worry, I have money. We can buy a laptop for you, maybe one for me too, you can get a job, then pay me back."

I hug him, "Thanks Brian!"

I quickly let go to pick out my favorite, oogling over all of them. This could take a loooong time.

- time skip -

The way home was quicker than the way there, even though we now had extra weight, we still got home before dark.

I picked out a cyan-ish colored, customizable laptop, and Brian got a plain black one just like it. I also got a job at the bookstore.

I grunted as I set all my stickers and markers on the table.

"Day-umn! All that is your art supplies?!" Brian gaped at my mountain of a pile.

"This? Naw this is just a quarter of it!" I laughed at the face he made.

I set to work, "Hey, Brian, I'm pretty sure your burn is healed by now, you don't have to stay with me if you don't want to."

"Who said I want to?" He asked putting some different blocky pieces on his laptop.

I almost tackled him in a hug, "So you'll stay?!!!"

He chuckled and patted my head, "Where else am I gonna live? Sure thing squirt."

I squealed and ran around. He laughed at my childishness, and I sat back down to finish working on my laptop.

I put some, what look like, bloodstain stickers randomly, an one of the creepypasta symbols over that weird apple thing. I also wrote Death Is Welcoming in the corner and different ninja and regular weapons. Lastly, I put one of my favorite Herobrine stickers in a special spot.

"What's with the Herobrine one?" He asked curiously.

"Well, he's one of my favorite creepypastas!" He smiled slightly, "And, if I meet him, I probably freak out, then fangirl, he's just misunderstood! I think he just wants a friend!"

"What if he's not the one doing all the killings? What if, Notch just blames things he did on him because he's the older brother?"

"I would be pissed at Notch if that's true! I already like Hero more than Notch, that will just make me hate him even more!"

I didn't really notice, but Brian was smiling he rest of that night.

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