Chapter 23: Save Your Life

*Luke's POV*

Oh god.. Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god! This can't be happening! No! I scream out in pain suddenly feeling the loss of my blood brother. I can't feel him anymore. He's gone. I run as fast as I can to his side and hold him in my arms. Ashton is quickly by my side, followed by Jade.

"I-is he dead?" Ashton whispers, next to me. I look at Eli, who looks asleep. That's right.. He's asleep...

"Yes.." Jade answers for me and I can't help but break down crying. I don't even hear what's going on around me. There's yelling. There's screaming. But all I hear is silence and my breaking heart.

"No... Eli! Please.. Wake up!" I whisper as I try to shake him awake. It doesn't work though, since he's not asleep. Everything seems to be crumbling down around me. My tears are streaming down my face and it doesn't seem to be stopping.

"...Luke." I look up at Jade who gives me a look of hope. She bends down and whispers, "you can save him.. You know you can.." I look up at her and I'm confused. How can I save him? If I can, I'll do anything! Even if the cost is my own life!

"Remember.. My books.." She just stares at me and stands up tall. I stare back into her eyes and I suddenly remember a spell. I look down at Eli and back up at Jade. She shrugs and looks at the scene in front of us. I look up to see Anabel, plunge her hand in Will's chest and rips out his heart. I let go of Eli and stand up. She did it... She finally killed that bastard.

She turns around on her heels and runs straight to me. To Eli. She falls to her knees and holds onto her brother for dear life. Jade goes on her knees as well and rubs circles on the poor girl's back.

"He... He can't be dead!" Tears fall down her face as she pushes back his hair from his face. "Jade.. Please.." Jade only shakes her head.

"I... There's nothing I can do." Obviously there's nothing she can do. But I can.

"There is one thing..." I whisper. I notice everyone staring at me in hope. The only person who isn't looking at me, is Emma.

"Whatever it is... Do it." I nod and look down at Eli.

"Leave us." I speak up. I can't let anyone see what I'm going to do. They'll most probably stop me because it'll probably kill me... But I don't care. They all slowly get up or walk away towards the door, as I look down at Eli.

After a few seconds, the room is silent. There's only Eli and I left. I start pacing the room, thinking really hard about this. If I do this... We might lose a lot... But it's better if he's alive than dead. I stop pacing and crack my hands. I shake my hands out and look at them.

"Don't fail me." I drop down to my knees and put my hands on the spot where his heart used to be and a hand over my own dead heart. I take a deep breath and whisper the magic words.

Even though thy is perished,
Please don't leave him in ashes.
Save thy soul,
Bring back thy soul.
With thy heart I give,
Let thy live.
Rise up and obey,
Treck on through the mortal door,
With half of my heart,
It is yours.

I repeat the words over and over again. I push my hands down on his chest, and let out tears, feeling excruciating pain coming from my chest. I ignore it, begging Eli to come back. Come on Eli.. Come on!

I repeat the spell for what feels like hours, but it's not working even if I still feel this pain. I can't lose him. I just can't!

"Eli! Please! I can't lose you! I can't live without you. I love you Eli! Please!" I say in pain, as I feel my magic drain out of me, and tears stain my face. It's not bloody working! I collapse next to him, feeling weak and defeated. I can't.. I don't know what to do! I whimper, realizing that I can't do it. I've always needed him to do these kinds of spells. I sob in silence, hugging my legs up to my chest. I hold onto Eli's hand, as I lie down next to him. I love you Eli. I really love you... I can't do this spell without you.. I try to take in a deep breath, but fail at the lack of air.

'Of course you can...' My head snaps up, while I try sitting up. I look down at him as I cough. He's also trying to sit up as I stare at him in shock. After a few seconds, I quickly snap out of it and help him up. We stand up, staring at each other.

"I feel like I've just been beaten up.. What the hell.. What happened?" He asks me, as he looks at his body and then up at me. I don't hesitate to wrap my arms around him in a huge hug, not letting go. Is this for real?

"Oh my gosh! Eli!" He coughs and tries to get my hands off him.

"Luke! I can't breathe!" I let go quickly and look at him. That pain inside my chest is now gone.

"I'm sorry!" He only smiles at me and walks closer.

"It's okay.. Did I die?" He asks and I nod. He looks into my eyes and takes a hold of my hand. "You saved me." I did didn't I? No.. It can't be.. I tried and tried.. And it didn't work. I look down at our hands and back up at his face.

"It did work Luke.." He assures me.

"You're alive..." I can't believe it. I'm too overjoyed to even think straight.

"Yes.. And I think I'm not a Vampire anymore... I don't feel my powers rushing through my veins anymore... I think you brought me back to life as a human... That's how you were able to save me." I only look at him with sadness. Thats what I meant.. That he was going to lose a lot...

"I don't know how to give your powers back to you!" How am I suppose to give him his powers back!?

"I don't know.. But it's okay Luke. You can keep them for now.." He smiles again.

"But.. You're still able to hear me in your head and communicate with me... The spell that I did... It didn't just turn you into a human... It turned me into one as well." He widens his eyes, as he places two fingers at the side of my neck. I stare at his as he feels my pulse. I have a pulse!

"And also... Eli... In order to bring you back... I had to give you a heart..." He looks at me confused, still leaving his hand at my neck.

"Whose heart did you give me?" He asks. I bite my lip, looking down at my feet. His gentle hand suddenly lifts my chin up, so I can look at him in the eye. "You gave me yours didn't you...?" I gulp and nod.

"I gave you half of my heart... You can say we're literally bonded now. If you die, I die. If I die, you die." I explain, remembering the details from the books Sabrina had us read.

"I guess that means we're going to be stuck together for a very long time." He says as he gets even closer to me. I nod, as I feel his body heat. "You know Luke.. I heard you when you said you love me." He smiles a cheeky smile as he goes on his tippy toes. I only stare, not believing what's happening.

"I kept getting asked why I don't have a girlfriend.. I now finally know why girls never interested me. I love you." What! Did he seriously just say that!? I can't believe it.. This can't be real.

'But it is.' He puts a hand behind my head, bringing me closer to him as he smashes his lips to mine.

All the unanswered questions I've ever had, just vanish from my head. Eli has always been the one. I just never noticed. That moment when I first met him, I had this overwhelming feeling when he touched my hand, and not only because of our powers... But because my soul knew he was my soul mate.

I obviously kiss him back as happy tears roll down my face. I wrap my arms around him in a protective manner and smile into the kiss.

We both pull away after a few minutes to breathe as we chuckle. He doesn't let go of my hand, instead he intertwines our fingers together.

"I love you Luke."

"And I love you, Eli."

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