Cleo is Nice

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Maya's POV

After that awful class Maddie and I met at the park. I was walking to the park when I got stopped by Hannah. Hey,Hannah what's up? Are you ok? Yea I'm fine. "Ware you going?"asked Hannah. To the park,want to come? Sure! 😃 Will I was walking in, I saw Maddie and Cleo. "Who are we meeting?" asked Hannah. Maddie and maybe Cleo. Maddie said that Cleo didn't want to be mean. "Ahhhh, I mite not stay after all." Hannah said frightened. "Come please it will be fun."I said Ok,but only if Cleo is nice to me."Hannah said. Hey Hannah I think I see them over there on the bench. The bench had four grey seats and it was next to a big oak tree. "Come on."I said pulling Hannah with me. "Slow down. Slow down"hannah said out of breath. Hey, Maddie and Cleo. "Hey, sis."Maddie said. I thought you we're bringing Hannah. "I am she just couldn't catch up."I said with a giggle. "So,cleo your nice now." Hannah said butting in. "Yea,but not to you." Cleo said. "I thought you said she was nice." Hannah said crying. An off went Hannah to her dorm room. "Cleo!" Maddie said disappointed. "Sorry me Hannah just will never get along."cleo said kinda sad. Maddie can I talk to you?

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