Chapter 2:

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When I woke up, I decided, I not going to school. My new scar was to excruciating.

"Honey, where's my pants!"my father yelled to my mom.

"I think you have to ask dumbo for it",my mum replied.

Ever since I was born, everybody hated me. Including the nurse,teacher,parents,siblings,doctor,dentist,and the state. Yeah, it's that bad. Everybody's blamed me for everything because I'm the smallest, the most "dumb". I'm actually pretty smart. I memorized the dictionary when 5. I'm not bragging but I'm the smartest in the pack. Then a knock interrupted my thoughts.

"Where are my pants?!"my dad screamed.

I didn't reply.

"You stupid dumb coward."

"That's it!"i screamed"you treat me like trash and I never did anything! And you know what you're being the stupid dumb coward."good he gets what he deserves.

My dad punched me in the face with all his might.And I got what I deserved. But I didn't care that it hurt. I cared about everything but the stupid cowardly state. Nobody ever thinks about cares about me! I'm leaving this stupid cowardly state.

After my "dad" left. I got the bag I save in case. I couldn't shift yet but I am the fastest runner. As I opened my window and jumped out of it Sam mind linked me.

"I, Sam Puttington, reject you, Giselina Meridia, as my mate."

I felt my heart get stabbed. Heart shattered into a million pieces. HE JUST REJECTED ME. It makes sense though. I had brown hair, eyes and my hair is way down to my waist. Everybody in the pack knows(except for the popular,Harrika) can do that. But I am the betas daughter.

Harrika has hair down to the middle of her spine. Nobody knows why she's popular because she was bullied in elementary school. Oh yeah. Right. She beat the day lights out of me in middle school so she could have popular points. I couldn't go because the rejection is painful. Now everybody knows because he used pack link. But I really want to go so I said. "I, Giselina Merdien, reject you, Sam Puttington." The pain went Away but not all of it. I left a note that said, 'Dear pack, I left cause ya mutts don't care about your pack members. I am never coming back. So you starve to death don't come looking for me. Cause you were supposed to do that 15 years ago. With bad luck to you, Giselina.'

I turn to open the window, but someone wrapped a towel around my face, and I blacked out.

I woke up in a room. Wow. Weird. I hate this place just now. Wow it's so big.i got out of the deluxe bed. I found that I had new clothes than my rags.thats weird. I went down the stairs? I saw a feast whoa. I can't believe it. It's like a palace. Til I woke up and realization hit me. It was a dream. I'll never live like that.

"Looks like somebody had a nice sleep, eh?"Harrika asked,"I just want to make it clear, Sam Puttington is mine."

"Why do you treat me like this?"i asked.

"Do you know what my whole name is, of course, people like you know nothing", Harrika sneered, "It is Elly Harrika Gem."

As soon as the name Elly came out, I almost cried.

"I thought you were dead," I said.

"Almost, after you left me in the ruins I found this pack house."


"Elly!"I screamed, "Cmon don't scare me!"

With each silence panic and worry and pain rose.

"ELLY!!!!!!!" I cried. "ELLY!!!!!" Another sob

I'd lost her.


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