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*Graduation Day*

These past few weeks have been crazy and they've flew by.
I passed all of my exams, got good grades and I'm graduating at 3PM today. I don't know why I bothered, I don't really plan on going to Florida with Justin. I've ignored him since then.
Honestly, I don't know whether I'd like him to show up. Not that I expect him to anyway.
"Mason, come here please!" I sigh and walk into my moms room, the far one down the hall.
"Yes, Ma?"
"I have something for you," She rushes over to her dresser and into the one drawer left of Dad's things, and pulls out a box. "Your father told me to give this to you on your graduation, in case he didn't return."
And he didn't.
She hands me the box and I open it to reveal a beautiful opal necklace. "It's beautiful, Ma." I smile, tears pricking my eyes. I thought I had the last of what my father left for me years ago, Mom kept this a secret as she promised. She takes the necklace out of the box and clasps it around my neck. It's so beautiful, the stone is a mixture of many different pastel colours. "Opal, straight from Africa. Expensive."
"I get it, I'll look after it." I laugh and look at the necklace on my chest, which is still damp from the shower I got out of ten minutes ago.
"Good, go get ready." She pushes me into my bedroom and closes the door.
I drop the soft blue towel and start to get ready.
Two hours later, I'm in a beautiful black dress that goes to just above my knees, black because the robes are a dark blue. My heels are to the side of me and my hair is in it's usual style.
There's a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" I yell and run downstairs, barefoot. Lili is stood there in a beautiful grey dress and small heels. "Hey you!" I grin and pull her into a bug hug. "Do you have your bag for later?"
"Oh yes!" She exclaims and picks up the bag from her feet. My phone goes off in my hand.
Jack: I'll be there in 5 x
Braden: I'll see you later, doll face! x
Oh, I gave Braden a chance, Justin's not here. He's probably forgotten about me, but Braden hasn't slipped up yet.
I run back upstairs to finish off my makeup and slip into my shoes. Where's my bag? Ugh.
I find the small bag and put all of the things I'll need inside, I'll end up giving it to Ma anyway.
As the doorbell goes, I run downstairs to find Jack and Braden stood there, both in suits.
Oh, and Lili and Jack started dating too, they're the cutest like, oh my life...
"You look great." Braden kisses my cheek and hands me a flower, I take it smiling.
"Thank you." I blush. "I'll see you there, Ma!" I yell. She waves from in the kitchen and we leave, Braden taking my hand.
I'm handed my dark blue robe and matching hat, smiling at Lili. This is what we've been waiting for, then we can get out of Cali! Yesssss!
I hate being down the bottom of the list, it makes me more nervous.
"Mason Staplynn." The principal calls, I walk on stage, smiling as people applaud around me. "A diploma in dance, music, art and English. You've been a great asset to our school, I wish you the best."
"Thank you sir." I shake his hand and smile for the camera quickly.
"I look forward to your speech later." He nods once and I walk off stage, a spring in my step.
I've graduated! "AHHHHH!" Lili screams and attacks me with a hug, I hug her back.
"I couldn't have done it without you!" I smile.
"Congratulations." Braden smiles and kisses me, he's sweet, I didn't expect him to be. But I'm not complaining.
Around half an hour later, I'm called back on stage to deliver my speech.
There's more applause.
"People say high school are the best years of your life, I'm starting to feel that now. It was always tough for me, I was always causing trouble or skipping classes altogether. I don't know how I survived, I'd like to think it's because of my supportive school, my amazing best friend Lili and my mom. It was tough for me when I started high school, my father had passed and I was distant.
I knew exams were coming, so I studied and did my best. I used to flunk all of my classes, I spent the last four years in summer school. So, doing this seems unreal.
We'll all look back on these memories and love them, life is worth living, if anyone thinks high school is tough, this is the last baby step. We're ready to go into the real world now, and thanks to those I care about, I'm ready. I wish you all a happy future." I smile and all of the others in my class come on stage. We all throw our hats up at the same time and I laugh, gripping onto Lili's hand.
She's the only one who's been there continuously.
I jump off stage with Lili, running towards our parents. "My baby girl is all grown up." Mom smiles, tears pricking at her eyes.
"Don't cry, Ma." I hug her. Braden appears beside me and takes my hand as I pull away.
"It's hard not to, I'm so proud of you Mason." She grins and wipes a tear away.
"I agree, Mrs Staplynn. Mason, you're even more beautiful than the last time I saw you." Justin. Justin. Justin. Why is he here? He smiles weakly and I let go of Braden's hand, running over to him.
"I missed you so much." I say and pull him down to my height in a big hug. "Can we be at least friends?" I ask.
"Friends? We never properly broke up Mason."
"It's just, I'm with Braden at the minute and..."
"It's fine. I'll wait until he fucks up." Justin laughs, shaking his head.
"Hey!" Braden yells from behind me. I laugh along with Justin, shaking my head too, basically copying his actions.
It's amazing for him to be here, he's meant to be on tour! Why would he rush to get to my graduation? It's insane.
We take pictures on our phone and I smile. It's just surreal that he's here.
"I'm proud of you, Mas." He says as we walk a little away from the crowds, round to the front of the school, where all the cars are somehow crammed together and parked. "You're a woman now." He laughs.
"Not technically." I point my finger at him.
"What?!" He exclaims. "But, it's just amazing." I know what he's on about, he won't say it here though. "You're not playing the V card."
"I am and I will." I laugh. "Anyway, I have to find Lili, I have a trip to San Diego." He takes my hand, I shake my head and lead him back to the crowds so I can find my best friend.
She's talking with her parents, I let go of Justin's hand and go over to her.
"Hey Mason." Lili hugs me again, and we stand there, arms linked.
"I'm proud of you both." Lili's dad smiles, ruffling my hair like he had since I was a young child. I swat his hand away, laughing.
"I'm so ready for San Diego now." I tell her.
"Oh my life, I know. Loud music, on the road with my best friend. It's gonna be amazing."
I can picture it, it's gonna be the best.
Finally, we were allowed to leave, just in time too, we needed to get going.
I run up to my room, packing a random bikini and clothes into a duffle bag, along with two pairs of shoes. I change into black shorts and a 'Tonight Alive' baseball tee. The best thing I own.
Lili grabs both of our bags, while I get the car keys. "We're off, Ma!" I shout and kiss her cheek. "I'll see you later, Justin."
"Are you still coming to Florida next week? The both of you?" He asks. I look towards Lili.
"Of course! Are you kidding me?" She exclaims and runs out of the door, jumping into the passenger seat of the hood less car that used to be my fathers. I hug him and jump into the drivers seat.
I pull out of my driveway, starting the drive from Long Beach to San Diego, which takes 1 hour and 49 minutes.
I lean my right arm onto the doorframe, leaning my head on my arm, thinking.
Thinking about Justin.
Thinking about everything.
My heart skipped a best when I saw him, we never properly broke up and I wanted him more than anything right then.
But there's Braden.
"Mason, you're thinking about Justin." Lili sighs. "Forget about boys for a few days, I'm telling you to break up with Braden. Please." She says. I nod, agreeing.
That's the first thing I'll do when I get back.
Break up with Braden.
Sorry it's short and sucky, it was needed. The San Diego chapter will be better!
findinghope4you <3 for you

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