Third day of no spoons

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Sam's POV

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I went back home and I started as usual making Moroccan Green Tea..All went well but when I wanted to mix sugar with tea I was in the point of holding a spoon but luckily I remembered mydealand imixed the tea with a fork : Same as Liam do in the birthdays..

At Dinner mum brought us yogurts, and ofc I didn't take it... But the incredible thing that I saw is that dad ate yogurt with a fork and I stared at him in amazement.., wow I thought: it's not just me who didn't eat with spoon...

Before I went to bed I twweted liam: "I'm no longer eating with spoons just to support and feel like you do"..and in my mind: please fav my tweet...liam I'm begging you..

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