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Characters: Leila: a loveable teenage girl, Lemon, a cute little sister, Mia, the mom of Leila (Mrs. Pengie), Eric, the dad of Leila (Mr. Pengie), Pinky, Leila's bff, Ben, popular guy in school, Adam, Pinky's boyfriend, and narrator

Chapter one:

sleeping* zzzzzzzzzzzz * alarm beeps*
Huh? Already morning? *looks at calendar* :O
Oh no! and first day of a new school! I gotta get ready! *gets dressed* :)
Good! :D*puts make up on*
Leila! Are you awake????
I am! I'm getting ready!!!!*goes down stairs*
Hwi! :) *waves*
Good morning young lady.
Hurry! Eat! You're gonna miss the bus!!
Good morning everyone! Ok I'm hurrying! :/
*eats* *looks at time*
:O Oh no! I gotta go now! Bye everyone!
Buh bye! *waves* :D
Bye!! And Good Luck! :) *waves*
Have a nice day! *hugs*
I love you all!! Bye!!!! :D *rides bus*
Few minutes later
Phew now i'm here :D Wow cool! So... Where is my locker? Oh there it is!!
Oh hi there! Are you a new student? :)
Oh hey! Yes I'm a new student! My name is Leila! What's yours?
Mine is Pinky! Nice to meet ya! And here is my number! *gives* Call me anytime! :)
Nice to meet ya too! Thx for the number! :) And forgot to give mine! Here you go! *gives*
Np and thx for the number!
:) Oh no!! We should hurry! The class is starting! Aaaaaaaaaaah *runs*
Wait up! aaaaaaaaaaah *runs*
Chapter two:
Phwe! It's harder than I thought! :|
Eat some food and recharge! :D
Ok I guess?? Lol!
Can I sit next to you Pinky honey?
Oh hi Adam honey! Sure you can!! :)
*whispers* Umm.. Pinky?
Who is he? Adam I think you said?
Yep he is Adam, my boyfriend! <3
<3 Yep. Pinky is my best girlfriend! <3
Oh! I see! Anyways nice to meet you Adam! I'm Leila! :)
Nice to meet you too Leila!:) And here is my number! You can call me anytime you want!:) Cuz, I LOVE SOLVING PROBLEMS!
Umm... hey can i sit with you guys?
Oh sure! Why not?:)
Thanks! So you're the new student huh
Well I'm Ben nice to meet ya
Nice to meet you too Ben :D
Psst Leila!
*whispers* YES what is it
*whispers* Ben is a really popular guy! You should try to date him! He never dated anyone before! ;)
Ok? I'll try??:\
After School
Hey again Leila!
Oh hey! :D
Are you riding a bus?
Yep I am! Why?
Cuz i am too! lets go!
wait up!
Wanna sit together? *moves over to make some room for her to sit*
:O Oh why sure! :D *sits*
Oh and also I forgot to give you my number, so I'm gonna give it to you now :) *gives*
Oh thanks Ben :) And here is mine :) *gives*
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
new character: Alice
*spies* :{ uggggh! What A NEW UGLY STUPID STUDENT IS TALKING WITH A POPULAR GUY!? HOW STUPID! URGGGH! *light bulb* *smiles evily* I have an idea! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Will Alice stop Leila from getting closer to Ben, or will Leila win?
Next stop is my igloo! Wanna come? :)
Sure! I wanted too ask if you wanted to hang out with me today so perfect! :)
Wow I love your iggy! :)
Thanks :) wait here for a second :)
Ok? :\
:) Hi mom, I'm home! With my new friend Ben! :)

Oh ok! Oh, hi Ben! Nice to meet you I'm Mrs. Pengie! :)
Nice to meet you too Mrs. Pengie! :)
Oh hey there little baby! :)
Hwi?? :|
Lemon he is my friend! Don't be shy! Ben this is my little sis! Her name is Lemon!
Awwww what a cute name!
*Smiles* :D Hello!
Aww hi!
Ok have fun kids we're gonna down stairs :)
So do you like the new school?? :)
Yep. :) I'm looking forward to make more friends! :D
So, do you wanna go out for pizza? :) ;)
Good idea! But don't you think it's too early? *points to clock* 4:20 pm
Aww man! You're right!:| So maybe at 7?
Sure :D
Thanks! Then cya! *waves*
Cya! :D
:O He asked her for a date?? URGGGGH! I must ruin it! *looks at clock* But I gotta go stupid ballet lesson!URRRGGGHH! *teleports home*
So what should I wear? Oh no! I don't have any dresses! AAAAAAAAAAA!! :(
~At Ben's igloo...~
OMG! I'm dating with my HUGE crush! <3 :D
New character: Sam
Why are woo so excited bro?
Nothing! :|
:\ Stwange! :\ TELL MWE NOW!
Oh fine! I'm dating a girl! Duh!
Oh yeah! She has a little sis about your age! Her name is Lemon!
Melon? :\
No!! Lemon!! :\
oh... :\
wanna meet her she is super cute! :)
Good! I'm gonna text Leila about this!
To: Leila
From: Ben
Title: my little bro Sam
Can my little bro, Sam come with me? And why don't you invite Lemon so they can be friends! :) Cya. *SENDS*
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO IF I DON'T HAVE ANY DRESS!? *phone beeps* Huh? Oh it's from Ben! *reads* Ummm...... What should I do?
OH Lemon! Do you want some pizza tonight?
:O ! (pizza, <3, :D) wess!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dancing* :D
Awesome! I'm gonna ask mom about this! Mom?
Can Lemon come with me to my date? We're going to pizza parlor.
Sure why not? :) Oh btw i heard you screaming about no dress from down stairs..
So i bought one for you! And kept as a secret until you find a boyfriend! :) Cmon try it on!
:O Thats the dress that i wanted! Thanks mom! :D gotta hurry now! :D now i'm gonna tie my hair! :D There we go! now i'm gonna tell Ben that Lemon is coming *texts*
To: Ben
From: Leila
Title: Re: my little bro Sam
Oh that's great! asked my mom if Lemon can come, and she said yes! Cya soon!:) *sent*
Will Lemon and Sam ruin the date or success it?
Well see those cute boys!? :D
Lets go!! :D
Aaaah! Wait Lemon!!!
Oh! Hey there girls! :)
Hi! Say hi Lemon! :)
Hwi! *waves hard*
So, this is my little brother, Sam! Say hey Sam.!
Hwi... :|
Yeah you see, he's super shy..
Oh I know how you feel Sam its ok
Hwi Sam!
:) Hwi Lemon! Nice to meet woo!
Aww woo are cute! <3
<3 woo are cute too! <3
:O :O
I wove woo Sam! *kisses*
I wove woo too Lemon! *kisses back*
Omg Omg
Uhh... You guys....?
Aren't you guys too young for kiss or love?
Okay then?
<3 <3
Wets go to Kizza pizza!
What's that?
It's a woom for kids wike us, in this shop! :D
Otay! wet's go!
Wow that was a one weird love... :|

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