Chapter Four - The Taxi

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        At the entrance of my apartment building I walked out with my luggage in hand and frantically waved for a taxi. A bright yellow taxi with the numbers 6787 written across the side of the car approached to a jolting stop. I peered into the passenger seat window, making eye contact with the driver, smiling ever so slightly as I opened the door and sat down.

        "Where to Sir." The taxi driver demanded my answer.

        "To the port."

        The taxi's driver's head turned so quickly to look at me I thought he was going to have whip lash.

        "Did you say the port?" Exclaiming in disbelief.

        "Yes, is there a problem?"

        "You do know who drives the boats right?"

        "Yes I do. His name is jack. Now can we please hurry this up I'm running on a tight schedule." I said.

          The driver looked at me like I did not know what I was doing and that I was crazy. He shook his head is disbelief as if I did not know something that I should know about Jack. He turned around and started to drive.

        The taxi came to a stop about a block from the port. I was confused and a little bit unsure of what was about to happen. I looked around at the street thinking we got stuck in traffic. Guess what. There was not even a single car or person on the street. The next thing I heard was the daunting click of the locks on the door.

         I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins while my heart was beating out of my chest. Having seen this scenario on tv and knowing that the driver is planning to kidnap me and possibly kill me I looked around the car to see what I can use as a weapon.

        "Sir! Sir!" Exclaimed the driver as he was looking at me with the same confused face as I was giving him. I didn't know what else to do so I just stared at him ready to react if he dared to move a single muscle toward me.

        The driver pulled out a box and stretched out his arm to give it to me. My body went tense as I prepared for what ever danger might come next.

        "Sir, are you alright you seem kinda frightened? Anyways here is a box that you must give Jack when you have stepped onto the boat. I warn you do not open it for last person who did never survived."

        I carefully gripped the box with both hands not wanting it to open, thanked him grabbed my luggage, and quickly got out of the the taxi before he could have a chance to hand me something else.

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