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Recap// But dayammmm is he hot when he's mad. Did I just call him hot?!?
Nash's P.O.V
Yes I know I know that me and Cameron have been bestfriends for as long as I can remember, but that's just it, "just" bestfriends that's all I want it ever to be.. I just can't help it that I love when we play fight and snuggle, I'm not gay or anything but it's just really nice to have him with me, he helps me through so much.. he even helped me through my black out stage where all I wanted to do was cry about everything, he talked me out of cutting 😔 Cameron Dallas is my man crush everyday with or without being gay. He is my everything. no matter what.
Okay so what if I'm gay.. My best friends wouldn't mind like what the hell Taylor Caniff and Shawn mendes are dating!!?!? They obviously wouldn't mind.. But everyone else? My family? My other friends? What am I gonna do? I need to tell someone ... I know exactly who .. "SHAWNNNN PLEASE COME TO MY ROOM!!!"
----- (moments after Shawn arrives)

"Hey buddy what's up?" He asked looking concerned.
"I.. I.. Well... How'd you know you were.." I said while he cut me off
"How I found out I was gay?" Shawn whispered
"Uh yeah." I said
"Well I just had the best and the worst and well every emotion there is, and every time I thought, talked to or even saw Taylor I'd known it meant something, why?" Crazy haired Shawn said.
"Well um.."
Just then the door flew open, it was Cameron.
"I'll talk to you about it later," giving Shawn a serious look.
Shawn shook his head yes then left the room with me and Cameron sitting on the beds on Twitter.

So I'm crying how long this took me to update😭 sorry sorry sorry I've just been so busy, please don't hate me 😌😔 I hope you all like this update, leave comments who the best couple should be or the next plot 😌😽

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