Chapter One

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"Beep, Beep, Beep" my alarm went off,
"Ugh" I moaned and hit the power button and laid back with my pillow over my head. Nothing could make me want to get up today, don't even get me started on waking up at 6:15 in the morning isn't helping anything.
"Why do I even try," I thought to myself.
"Sweetie," my Mom knocked at the door, "Get dressed your breakfast is waiting and Annie is already there."
"Alright Mom," I said from under my pillow.
When I heard her leave I slowly shifted to my closet and decided on what to wear.
"Purple, no um...." I said aloud, "Perfect."
I through on a blue tank top and jean shorts, I glanced at my clock it read 6:30 a.m.
"Oh, no" I panicked as I ran to the bathroom. I quickly put my hair up in a ponytail and tied a pink bow around it.
"Good," I smiled at myself in the mirror.
"Lily," Mom called,
"Coming" I shouted as I ran down the stairs.
"Well, I'm not the only one who got dressed up" my older sister Anne snickered.
I looked up at her and she looked like she had gotten up an hour ago. Annie was wearing a white dress with blue bows all around.
"Wow," Is all I could say,
"Oh, thanks little sis," Annie laughed.
"Okay girls, Lily eat up," Mom says braking up our conversation. I can't blame Mom, she's been so stressed ever since my Dad disappeared. And she never seemed to act like her old self. And unstop of that it's my first day at Goddess school, but this is Annie's third year. I hope to make a difference in my Mom's life.

"Bye," I called as Annie leads me to the bus,
"Be careful," Mom waves to us.
Annie waves back.
The bus was so crowded! Our stop is almost the last one, thankfully I found a seat next to a girl with brown wavy hair and freckles.
"Hi," I smiled,
"Hello," She said without looking at me.
"My name is Lily, what's yours,"
"Kaden," She replied,
"That's a nice name."
"Thanks," Kaden said still not looking at me.
I sighed, "This is going to be a long day," I thought.

"Ring," the bell rang for class. My knees were shaking so badly as I walked in.
"Good morning," said a voice,
"What," I asked confused.
"I'm your teacher, Mrs.Goodman," She replied,
"Oh. I'm Lily."
"Nice to meet you,"
I looked around the room all eyes were on me except one pair.
"Kaden," I whispered,
"What was that," Mrs.Goodman questioned.
I jumped "Oh, I was wondering where to sit."
"Oh, let me check," Mrs.Goodman walked over to her desk and picked up her journal. Mrs.Goodman was a tall lady with curly gray hair and reading glasses. Even with gray hair she didn't look that old.
"Ah," She began, "Lily, you sit in that empty seat next to Kaden."
I looked back, Kaden glanced up and saw me, then looked back down.
"Alright," I said, "Thank you."
I walked back to my seat.
"Hi," I said,
"Hello," She replied not looking at me.
"Alright class, let's begin. So, as you know this is your first day of school, so why don't we circle up and say what Goddess everyone is training to be," Mrs.Goodman smiled.
We got in a circle and I heard one girl say "Goddess of Happiness." After that I zoned out until I heard Kaden speak.
She said "Goddess of Knowledge."
I was surprised by choice, "Really," I thought surprised.
"Lily," Mrs.Goodman looked at me through her glasses. I knew I hadn't paid attention.
"Oh. Sorry," I laughed nervously,
Mrs.Goodman was not amused.
"So.. I'm training to become the Mother Nature of tomorrow,"
No one said a word.
I was confused. For everyone else they said something like, "Sweet or Cool."
Then Mrs.Goodman finally broke the silence by saying "Very nice choice, dear."
As Mrs.Goodman went the rest of the way around the circle my thoughts were someplace else.
"How come no one said anything? Is their something wrong with Mother Nature?" I thought.
Well, whatever the case was I was determined to find out.

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